Funded Projects

Country Title Implementing Entity Approved Amount in USD Amount Transferred in USD Approval Datesort icon
Indonesia Adapting to Climate Change for Improved Food Security in West Nusa Tenggara Province - Project document.pdf WFP $5,995,666 2015-05-11
Jordan Increasing the resilience of poor and vulnerable communities to climate change impacts in Jordan through implementing innovative projects in water and agriculture in support of adaptation to climate change - Project document.pdf MOPIC $9,226,000 2015-04-10
Morocco Climate changes adaptation project in oasis zones – PACC-ZO - Project document.pdf ADA $9,970,000 2015-04-10
India Building adaptive capacities of small inland fishers for climate resilience and livelihood security, Madhya Pradesh - Project document.pdf NABARD $1,790,500 2015-04-10
Nepal Adapting to climate induced threats to food production and food security in the Karnali Region of Nepal - Project document.pdf WFP $9,527,160 2015-04-01
Mali Programme Support for Climate Change Adaptation in the vulnerable regions of Mopti and Timbuktu - Project document.pdf UNDP $8,533,348 2015-03-25
Ghana Increased resilience to climate change in Northern Ghana through the management of water resources and diversification of livelihoods - Project document.pdf UNDP $8,293,972 2015-03-05
India Conservation and Management of Coastal Resources as a Potential Adaptation Strategy for Sea Level Rise - Project document NABARD $689,264 $161,367 2014-10-10
India Enhancing Adaptive Capacity and Increasing Resilience of Small and Marginal Farmers in Purulia and Bankura Districts of West Bengal - Project document NABARD $2,510,854 $376,628 2014-10-10
Costa Rica Reducing the vulnerability by focusing on critical sectors (agriculture, water resources, and coastlines) in order to reduce the negative impacts of climate change and improve the resilience of these sectors - Project document Fundecooperación para el Desarrollo Sostenible $9,970,000 $1,621,559 2014-10-10
Kenya Integrated Programme To Build Resilience To Climate Change & Adaptive Capacity Of Vulnerable Communities In Kenya - Project document NEMA $9,998,302 $4,956,906 2014-10-10
South Africa Building Resilience in the Greater uMngeni Catchment - Project document SANBI $7,495,055 2014-10-10
South Africa Taking Adaptation to the Ground: A Small Grants Facility for Enabling Local Level Responses to Climate Change - Project document SANBI $2,442,682 2014-10-10
Belize Belize Marine Conservation and Climate Adaptation Project - MCCAP Workshop report.pdf, Project document World Bank $6,000,000 $1,115,805 2014-08-18
Myanmar Addressing Climate Change Risks on Water and Food Security in the Dry Zone of Myanmar - Project document UNDP $7,909,026 $2,456,700 2014-02-27
Seychelles Ecosystem Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Seychelles - Project Document UNDP $6,455,750 $1,272,217 2014-02-20
Cuba Reduction of vulnerability to coastal flooding through ecosystem-based adaptation in the south of Artemisa and Mayabeque provinces - Project Proposal UNDP $6,067,320 $910,168 2014-02-20
Uzbekistan Developing climate resilience of farming communities in the drought prone parts of Uzbekistan - Project Document UNDP $5,415,103 $342,962 2014-02-20
Rwanda Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change in North West Rwanda through Community Based Adaptation - Fully-developed proposal Ministry of Natural Resources (MINIRENA) $9,969,619 $3,249,920 2013-11-01
Guatemala Climate change resilient productive landscapes and socio-economic networks advanced in Guatemala - Project document UNDP $5,425,000 $1,238,046 2013-09-14
Argentina Enhancing the Adaptive Capacity and Increasing Resilience of Small-scale Agriculture Producers of the Northeast of Argentina - Project document Unidad para el Cambio Rural (UCAR) $5,640,000 $2,322,273 2013-04-04
Argentina Increasing Climate Resilience and Enhancing Sustainable Land Management in the Southwest of Buenos Aires Province - Project Document World Bank $4,296,817 $584,154 2012-12-14
Sri Lanka Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Marginalized Agricultural Communities Living in the Mahaweli River Basin of Sri Lanka - Project Document WFP $7,989,727 $2,801,000 2012-12-14
Cambodia Enhancing Climate Resilience of Rural Communities Living in Protected Areas of Cambodia - Project Document UNEP $4,954,273 $1,107,231 2012-06-28
Colombia Reducing Risk and Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Region of La Depresion Momposina in Colombia - Project Document UNDP $8,518,307 $1,842,089 2012-06-28
Djibouti Developing Agro-Pastoral Shade Gardens as an Adaptation Strategy for Poor Rural Communities in Djibouti - Project Document, 1st Project Performance Report (PPR) UNDP $4,658,556 $2,422,890 2012-06-28
Egypt Building Resilient Food Security Systems to Benefit the Southern Egypt Region - Project Document, 1st Project Performance Report WFP $6,904,318 $1,617,003 2012-06-28
Jamaica Enhancing the Resilience of the Agricultural Sector and Coastal Areas to Protect Livelihoods and Improve Food Security - Project Document, 1st Programme Performance Report (PP) Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) $9,965,000 $5,980,360 2012-06-28
Lebanon Climate Smart Agriculture: Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of the Rural Communities in Lebanon (AgriCAL) - Project Document IFAD $7,860,825 $1,589,200 2012-06-28
Mauritania Enhancing Resilience of Communities to the Adverse Effects of Climate Change on Food Security in Mauritania - Project Document WFP $7,803,605 $2,015,156 2012-06-28
Papua New Guinea Enhancing adaptive capacity of communities to climate change-related floods in the North Coast and Islands Region of Papua New Guinea - Project Document, First Project Performance Report UNDP $6,530,373 $3,885,332 2012-03-16
Georgia Developing Climate Resilient Flood and Flash Flood Management Practices to Protect Vulnerable Communities of Georgia - 1st annual project performance report, 2nd annual project performance report, Project Document UNDP $5,316,500 $3,851,875 2011-12-14
Tanzania Implementation Of Concrete Adaptation Measures To Reduce Vulnerability Of Livelihood and Economy Of Coastal Communities In Tanzania - Project Document UNEP $5,008,564 $2,786,943 2011-12-14
Cook Islands Strengthening the Resilience of our Islands and our Communities to Climate Change - Project Document, 1st Project Performance Report (PPR), AdaptationStory CookIslands_Nov2014.pdf UNDP $5,381,600 $1,955,040 2011-12-14
Uruguay Uruguay: Helping Small Farmers Adapt to Climate Change - 1st Project Performance Report (PPR), Project Document, Project Cost Summary, Disbursement Schedule, Presentation by Agric. Eng. Tabaré Aguerre, Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishery, Sep 2014 Agencia Nacional de Investigacion e Innovacion (ANII) $9,967,678 $3,084,342 2011-12-14
Samoa Enhancing Resilience of Samoa's Coastal Communities to Climate Change - 1st Project Performance Report (PPR), Project Document UNDP $8,732,351 $4,527,475 2011-12-14
Madagascar Madagascar: Promoting Climate Resilience in the Rice Sector - Project Document UNEP $5,104,925 $3,197,224 2011-12-14
Mauritius Climate Change Adaptation Programme in the Coastal Zone of Mauritius - Project Document, Inception Report, Project Revision (AFB Decision B.23-24.5 with annexes), 1st Project Performance Report UNDP $9,119,240 $1,829,167 2011-09-16
Mongolia Ecosystem Based Adaptation Approach to Maintaining Water Security in Critical Water Catchments in Mongolia - Second Project Performance Report, First Project Performance Report, Project Document, Inception Report UNDP $5,500,000 $2,529,744 2011-06-22
Maldives Increasing climate resilience through an Integrated Water Resource Management Programme in HA. Ihavandhoo, ADh. Mahibadhoo and GDh. Gadhdhoo Island - Project Document UNDP $8,989,225 $8,510,939 2011-06-22
Turkmenistan Addressing climate change risks to farming systems in Turkmenistan at national and community level - Project Document, First Project Performance Report, Second Project Performance Report UNDP $2,929,500 $2,041,405 2011-06-22
Ecuador Enhancing resilience of communities to the adverse effects of climate change on food security, in Pichincha Province and the Jubones River basin - Project Document, Inception report, WFP 2011 Annual Report for Ecuador, WFP Presentation on information needs of decision-makers (Feb 2013), 1st Project Performance Report, Case study on the project presented at conference "Hunger • Nutrition • Climate Justice • 2013", 2nd Project Performance Report WFP $7,449,468 $4,654,133 2011-03-18
Eritrea Climate Change Adaptation Programme In Water and Agriculture In Anseba Region, Eritrea - Project Document, Inception Report UNDP $6,520,850 $3,019,601 2011-03-18
Solomon Islands Enhancing resilience of communities in Solomon Islands to the adverse effects of climate change in agriculture and food security - Project Document, Inception Report, 1st Project Performance Report, 2nd Project Performance Report, 3rd Project Performance Report, SWoCK Mid Term Evaluation Report .pdf UNDP $5,533,500 $5,112,683 2011-03-18
Nicaragua Reduction of Risks and Vulnerability Based on Flooding and Droughts in the Estero Real River Watershed - Project Document, Inception Report, 1st Project Performance Report, 2nd Project Performance Report, 3rd Project Performance Report, Mid Term Review Final Report.pdf UNDP $5,500,950 $5,138,355 2010-12-15
Pakistan Reducing Risks and Vulnerabilities from Glacier Lake Outburst Floods in Northern Pakistan - Project Document, Inception Report, Progress of the GLOF project, 1st Project Performance Report, 2nd Project Performance Report, Mid Term Evaluation Report-GLOF final.pdf UNDP $3,906,000 $3,589,124 2010-12-15
Senegal Adaptation to Coastal Erosion in Vulnerable Areas - Project Document, Half yearly report September 2011, 2nd half-year Project Performance Report, 3rd half-year Project Performance Report, 4th half-year Project Performance Report, 5th half-year Project Performance Report, 6th half-year Project Performance Report, AdaptationStory-Senegal-English.pdf, AdaptationStory-Senegal-French.pdf, AdaptationStory-Senegal-Spanish.pdf, Mid Term Evaluation Report Nov 2012 Centre de Suivi Ecologique of Senegal (CSE) $8,619,000 $8,619,000 2010-09-17
Honduras Addressing Climate Change Risks on Water Resources in Honduras: Increased Systemic Resilience and Reduced Vulnerability of the Urban Poor - AdaptationStory-Honduras 09.2014.pdf, Mid-term Review 2014, Participatory adaptation planning workbook CdT 4H (in Spanish), 1st Project Performance Report, Project Document, Honduras Inception Workshop Report final, Regional workshop findings on disaster risk reduction, 2nd Project Performance Report UNDP $5,620,300 $4,187,787 2010-09-17