Proposals and Concepts Under Review

Both project concepts and full project proposals are posted online for public review and comment before the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat has completed the screening and technical review process.

The proposals listed below have been received for review and consideration during the twenty-fifth Board meeting which will be held in Bonn, Germany on 9-10 April 2015. Public comments on these proposals are welcome, and should be sent to by 3 March 2015 at the latest. When submitting comments, please include your full name and any relevant professional affiliation.

Technical reviews of the project proposals from past meetings can be located in the documents page of the corresponding Board meeting.


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Country Title Multilateral Implementing Entity National Implementing Entity Regional Implementing Entity Attached Files Post date
India Building Adaptive Capacities of Small Inland Fishers for Climate Resilience and Livelihood Security, Madhya Pradesh, India NATIONAL BANK FOR AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT (NABARD) Project proposal Feb 06, 2015
India Climate Smart Actions and Strategies in North Western Himalayan Region for Sustainalbe Livelihoods of Agriculture-Dependent Hill Communities NATIONAL BANK FOR AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT (NABARD) Project proposal Feb 06, 2015
India Climate Proofing of Watershed Development Projects in the States of Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) Project proposal.pdf Feb 06, 2015
Jordan Increasing the resilience of poor and vulnerable communities to climate change impacts in Jordan through Implementing Innovative projects in water and agriculture in support of adaptation to climate change Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) Project proposal Feb 06, 2015
Micronesia Enhancing the Resilience of Vulnerable Island Atoll Communities in FSM to Climate Change Risks through a "Living with the Sea" National Risk Management Framework SPREP Project proposal.pdf Feb 06, 2015
Morocco Project of Adaptation to Climate Change– Oases Zones- PACC-ZO Agricultural Development Agency (ADA) Project poposal, EIES ouvrages recharge_PACCZO V 25012014 EN.pdf, EIES_ENSABLEMENT_PACCZO_30012015 ENG.pdf, EIES Protective Structure_PACCZO V 27012015 EN.pdf, EIES_SEGUIAS_PACCZO 29012015 ENG.pdf Feb 06, 2015
Peru Adaptation to the Impacts of Climate Change on Peru's Coastal Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries PROFONANPE Project proposal Feb 06, 2015
Uganda Enhancing Resilience of Communicties to Climate Change through Catchment Based Integrated Management of Water and Related Resources in Uganda Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) Project proposal, Civil society comments Feb 06, 2015
Senegal Reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience of coastal communities in the Saloum Islands (Dionewar and Fadial) Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE) Project concept.pdf Feb 10, 2015