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Get Accredited with the Adaptation Fund

To apply for project and programme funding, countries must submit proposals through an accredited institution. There are three categories of accredited institutions:

Only institutions accredited by the Adaptation Fund may receive funding for adaptation projects. After accreditation, the entity may submit project proposals aligned with national priorities for consideration by the Adaptation Fund Board.

National implementing entities fall under the Adaptation Fund’s Direct Access modality, which enables entities to directly access financing and manage all aspects of climate adaptation and resilience projects, from design through implementation, to monitoring and evaluation. Direct Access allows developing countries to strengthen capacity to adapt to climate change and build on local expertise.

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Apply for Project Funding

After the Adaptation Fund Board decides to accredit an entity considering the recommendation by the Accreditation Panel, the entity can submit a concept or a full project proposal. Parties seeking financial resources from the Adaptation Fund must submit their project and programme proposals through accredited National, Regional, or Multilateral Implementing Entities. Proposals will be reviewed with respect to specific criteria available in the Operational Policies and Guidelines.

The Adaptation Fund Board has also made available several small grants under the Readiness Programme to help National Implementing Entities (NIEs) provide peer support to countries seeking accreditation with the Fund and to build capacity for undertaking various climate finance readiness activities.

The Adaptation Fund Board has also made available three new funding windows for accredited National Implementing Entities (NIEs) to access small grants for innovation, learning and project scale-up. The submissions of innovation, learning and project scale up grant proposals follow the regular review cycle of the Adaptation Fund project and programme review.

Please note that the proposal review process has recently changed. Submissions for all funding windows are now accepted on a rolling basis (Decision B.40/59). This means that submission of project and programme proposals to the Adaptation Fund can now be sent to the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat at any time. Once proposals are technically recommended, they will be automatically included in agenda of the upcoming Board meeting.

For questions on regular projects and programme please email  and For questions on Innovation, Enhanced Direct Access (EDA), learning grants and project scale-up grants please email   and . Submission of LOEs and DA Nominations should be emailed to  ;   and .

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