Readiness Grants

The Adaptation Fund Board has made available several small grants under the Readiness Programme to help National Implementing Entities (NIEs) provide peer support to countries seeking accreditation with the Fund and to build capacity for undertaking various climate finance readiness activities.

Readiness Package Grant

These are small grants meant to facilitate the delivery of more enhanced, targeted and tailored readiness support for accreditation to developing countries. The maximum amount of grant is US$ 150,000 per country to support NIE accreditation to the AF through South-South Cooperation (SSC).

South-South Cooperation (SSC) Grants

These are small grants to facilitate South-South cooperation and enable select accredited implementing entities to provide peer support for accreditation to countries that wish to gain accreditation with the Fund.

Project Formulation Assistance (PFA) Grants

The amount available for each NIE for project formulation assistance is up to a maximum of US$20,000 per project. PFA grants supports project development for NIEs to undertake specific technical assessments such as environmental impact assessments, vulnerability assessments etc during the project preparation and design stage.

Technical Assistance (TA) Grants

These are small grants to help NIEs build their capacity to address and manage environmental and social as well as gender associated risks within their projects/programmes in accordance with the Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy (ESP) and Gender Policy. Through these grants, NIEs have the option to hire external expertise to help them address these issues.

There are two types of Technical Assistance grants:

  1. Technical Assistance Grant for the Environmental and Social Policy and Gender Policy (TA-ESGP): Aimed at strengthening the capacity of NIEs to identify, screen, address and manage environmental and social risks as well as gender related issues in their projects and programs in line with the Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy and Gender Policy. The grant is up to a maximum of US$25,000 per NIE.
  2. Technical Assistance Grant for the Gender Policy (TA-GP): Meant for NIEs that already have robust environmental and social policies to put in place measures to avoid, minimize and/or mitigate adverse gender impacts in accordance with the Adaptation Fund’s Gender Policy. The grant is up to a maximum of US$10,000 per NIE.

Project Scale-up Grants

Project Scale-up Grants provide readiness funding to National Implementing Entities (NIEs) to support planning, designing, enhancement and overall capacity to develop scale-up pathways for AF funded projects nearing completion or already completed. Project Scale-up Grants are available up to a maximum of US$ 100,000 per project and programme.

Reporting Requirements for Readiness Grants

As per decisions B.29/42 and B.33-34/12 by the Adaptation Fund Board, implementing entities that receive a readiness grant must provide to the Board through the secretariat the following reports:

  1. A notification of project start. This must be submitted within one month of the project start date.
  2. A project monitoring report. This must be submitted six months after the project start date, and every six months thereafter from the date of the last project monitoring report. The report should contain concise but very precise information including an explanation of any issues that would have arisen during implementation.
  3. A notification of project completion. This must be submitted within two months of the project completion date.
  4. A project completion report. This must be submitted within six months of completion of the project and should include specific project implementation information of overall outcome, including any challenges faced and how they were resolved, and an explanation of how achieved outcomes will be disseminated or taken forward.

The reporting templates can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant template link at the bottom of this web page. Implementing Entities should take note that copies of the above-mentioned reports should also be forwarded by the Implementing Entity to the Designated Authority for information.



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Statement of expenditure template for SSC-TA-ESGP-TA-GP-Project Scale-Up-and-Learning grants DOCX 16 KB