June 4 2018

Phase 2 Independent Evaluation validates Adaptation Fund’s project portfolio relevance, efficiency and effectiveness

April 4 2018

Adaptation Fund launches a pilot programme for new Readiness Support Package, which builds on Fund’s South-South grant programme

March 5 2018

Adaptation Fund releases a five-year Medium-Term Strategy based on pillars of Action, Innovation and Learning & Sharing

January 25 2018

Bhutan Trust Fund for Environment Conservation (BTFEC) accredited as 28th National Implementing Entity under Direct Access

December 15 2017

Adaptation Fund breaks single-year resource mobilization record with US$ 95.5 million in new pledges in 2017

November 17 2017

COP23: Adaptation Fund ‘Shall Serve the Paris Agreement’, as CMP 13 parties formally recognize its concrete actions to most vulnerable

November 16 2017

Adaptation Fund celebrates 10 years of pioneering climate innovation, action and learning at special anniversary event

November 9 2017

Agricultural Bank of Niger (BAGRI) becomes 27th National Implementing Entity

October 25 2017

Adaptation Fund and Caribbean Development Bank convene 15 Caribbean countries to share knowledge and best practices in developing and implementing effective adaptation projects

October 13 2017

Adaptation Fund Board adopts five-year strategy and approves US$ 23.8 million for new projects and programmes at its 30th meeting

July 24 2017

Annual NIE Seminar to Draw More Than 20 National Partners from Around Globe

April 10 2017

Adaptation Fund launches campaign to commemorate its 10th anniversary

March 17 2017

Adaptation Fund Board approves a record $60.3 million in funding for projects and appoints Mikko Ollikainen as new manager at the 29th Board Meeting

November 17 2016

COP22: AF surpasses its resource mobilization goal of US$80 million, the Paris Agreement language strengthened

October 7 2016

Ad Hoc Complaint Handling Mechanism approved to improve the accountability and transparency of the AF

October 2 2016

Longtime AF Manager Marcia Levaggi leaves the Fund after more than 7 years

August 8 2016

Demand for funding from the Adaptation Fund reaches record high of US$ 208.6 million

July 13 2016

Third Climate Finance Readiness Seminar gathers climate-vulnerable countries in Washington, D.C.

June 21 2016

AF photo contest draws 125+ impact photos showing climate change and efforts to adapt

March 18 2016

Adaptation Fund Board approves Gender Policy and Action Plan

December 12 2015

COP21: The Adaptation Fund is included in the language accompanying the landmark Paris Agreement, raises US$ 75 million in new pledges

November 19 2015

Readiness Webinar series launched to share best practices among National Implementing Entities

August 21 2015

The first stage of an Independent Evaluation shows the Adaptation Fund to be effective, efficient and relevant

August 14 2015

Record Number of Project Proposals Received

May 5 2015

Adaptation Fund launches a US$ 30 million pilot programme for regional projects

May 1 2015

Alternative streamlined accreditation process opens doors to climate finance for smaller implementing entities

December 12 2014

Germany contributes EUR 50 million to the Adaptation Fund at COP20

December 11 2014

Adaptation Fund and CDKN launch Climate Finance Ready, a new online platform for climate finance readiness

October 10 2014

First Enhanced Direct Access project approved in South Africa

May 1 2014

Readiness Programme for Climate Finance launched, first Readiness Grants approved