Proposals Currently Under Review

Both project concepts and full project proposals are posted online for public review and comment before the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat has completed the screening and technical review process.

The proposals listed below have been received for review and consideration for the 38th Adaptation Fund Board meeting (AFB38). Public comments on proposals to be received are welcome and should be sent to with copy to preferably by January 27, 2022 and no later than February 17, 2022. Please check this page for revised submissions. When submitting comments, please include your full name and any relevant professional affiliation.

Technical reviews of the project proposals from past meetings can be located in the documents page of the corresponding Board meeting.


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Fully-developed Proposals

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatus
KyrgyzstanRegional Resilient Pastoral Communities Project - AdaptIFAD01/10/2022Proposal Submitted
RegionalImproved Resilience of Coastal Communities in Côte d’Ivoire and GhanaUN-Habitat01/10/2022Proposal Submitted
RegionalStrengthening Resilience to Climate and Covid-19 Shocks through Integrated Water Management on the Sudan – Chad Border Area (SCCIWM) (Chad, Sudan)FAO01/10/2022Proposal Submitted
Trinidad and TobagoMultisectoral Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in the South Oropouche River Basin for Flood ReliefCAF01/10/2022Proposal Submitted
Central African RepublicIncreasing the Adaptation Capacity and Resilience of Rural Communities to Climate Change in the Central African RepublicIFAD01/10/2022Proposal Submitted
ZimbabweEnhancing Resilience of Communities and Ecosystems in the Face of a Changing Climate in Arid and Semi-arid Areas of ZimbabweEMA01/10/2022Proposal Submitted
Tanzania, United Republic ofRestoration of Lake Babati for Enhanced Climate Change Adaptation in Babati DistrictNEMC01/10/2022Proposal Submitted
Tanzania, United Republic ofKaratu Climate Resilience and Adaptation Project for Hadzabe and Datoga Communities- KARAHADANEMC01/10/2022Proposal Submitted
PanamaStrengthening Climate Resilience in Livelihoods and Coastal Ecosystems of the Central Pacific of PanamaFUNDACION NATURA01/10/2022Proposal Submitted
NigerAgriculture Climate-Resilient Value Chain Development in NigerBAGRI01/10/2022Proposal Submitted

Project concepts

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatus
BeninProject to Strengthen Food Security and Community Resilience to Climate Change in the Communes of Boukombe and BopaFNEC01/10/2022Concept Submitted
BeninBuilding Resilience to Climate Change of the Neighbouring Populations of the Classified Forests of Bassila and Penessoulou in the Central Region of BeninFNEC01/10/2022Concept Submitted
Papua New GuineaAdaptation of Small-Scale Agriculture for Improved Food Security of Resilient Communities in Papua New Guinea (ASSA)SPC01/10/2022Concept Submitted
ArgentinaStrengthening Community Resilience of Rural Populations in the Drylands of Northwestern Argentina Facing Climate Change, Improving Access to Water and the Implementation of Sustainable Land Management PracticesCAF01/10/2022Concept Submitted
ZambiaClimate Change Adaptation through Rural FinanceIFAD01/10/2022Concept Submitted
Sri LankaBuild Resilience to Climate Change and Climate Variability of Vulnerable Communities in Mullaitivu District of Sri LankaUN-Habitat01/10/2022Concept Submitted
PhilippinesHarnessing the Water-energy-food Nexus to Address and Adapt to Climate Change Impacts in Tawi-TawiUNIDO01/10/2022Concept Submitted
NicaraguaClimate Resilience and Livelihoods in the Nicaraguan Dry Corridor (CRLNDC)FAO01/10/2022Concept Submitted
Lao People's Democratic RepublicEnhancing Adaptive Capacity in Lao PDR Provinces, and Building Resilient Housing in Vulnerable CommunitiesUN-Habitat01/10/2022Concept Submitted
ComorosEcosystem-based Adaptation of the Comoros Coastal ZoneUNEP01/10/2022Concept Submitted
Cape VerdeIncreasing the Resilience of Local Communities to Climate Change through Improved Watershed Management and Land RestorationFAO01/10/2022Concept Submitted
HondurasLet’s Save the MerendonCASM01/10/2022Concept Submitted
Côte d'IvoireStrengthen the Resilience of Smallholder Farmers to the Effects of Climate Change through the Adoption of Proven Innovative Technologies and PracticesFIRCA01/10/2022Concept Submitted
Costa RicaIncreasing the Resilience of Vulnerable Populations in Costa Rica by Scaling up Adapta2+FUNDECOOPERACION01/10/2022Concept Submitted

Projects Pre-concepts

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatus
RegionalEnhancing Cross-sectoral Climate Resilience of the Agro-fuel Supply Chain through Regional Cooperation and Technology transfer in Lower Mekong Region (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand)UNIDO01/10/2022Pre-concept Submitted
RegionalStrengthening Community-based Adaptation and Food System Resilience for Vulnerable Communities in Nepal and BhutanWFP01/10/2022Pre-concept Submitted