Proposals Currently Under Review

Both project concepts and full project proposals are posted online for public review and comment before the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat has completed the screening and technical review process.

The proposals listed below have been received for review and consideration for the 37th Adaptation Fund Board meeting (AFB37). Public comments on proposals to be received are welcome and should be sent to with copy to preferably by August 25, 2021 and no later than September 15, 2021. Please check this page for revised submissions. When submitting comments, please include your full name and any relevant professional affiliation.

Technical reviews of the project proposals from past meetings can be located in the documents page of the corresponding Board meeting.


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Fully-developed Proposals

CountryTitleMultilateral Implementing EntityNational Implementing EntityRegional Implementing EntitySubmission date
UgandaEnhancing Resilience to Climate-Induced Flooding and Drought through the Deployment of a Water-Filled BarrierMinistry of Water and Environment of Uganda08/09/2021
RwandaRwanda Subnational Adaptation Fund EDAMinistry of Environment, Rwanda08/09/2021
Costa RicaLearning Grant for Costa RicaFundecooperacin Para el Desarollo Sostenible08/09/2021
Côte d'IvoireIncreasing Rural Communities’ Adaptive Capacity and Resilience to Climate Change in Bandama Basin in Côte d’IvoireInternational Fund Agricultural Dev08/09/2021
Tanzania, United Republic ofRestoration of Lake Babati for Enhanced Climate Change Adaptation in Babati DistrictNational Environment Management Council 08/09/2021
Tanzania, United Republic ofKaratu Climate Resilience and Adaptation Project for Hadzabe and Datoga Communities- KARAHADANational Environment Management Council 08/09/2021
BhutanBuilding Adaptive Capacity through Innovative Management of Pests/Disease and Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Bhutan to Enhance Sustainable Agro-Biodiversity and LivelihoodsBhutan Trust Fund for Environment Conservation08/09/2021
RegionalScaling-up climate-resilient rice production in West Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia (Republic of the), Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo)Sahara and Sahel Observatory08/09/2021
MalaysiaNature-based Climate Adaptation Programme for the Urban Areas of Penang IslandUN-Habitat08/09/2021
BhutanAdaptation to Climate-induced Water Stresses through Integrated Landscape Management in BhutanBhutan Trust Fund for Environment Conservation08/09/2021
HaitiImplementing Measures for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Mitigation of School Facilities in HaitiUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization08/09/2021
UgandaEnhancing Resilience of Communities and Fragile Ecosystems to Climate Change in Katonga Catchment, UgandaMinistry of Water and Environment of Uganda08/09/2021

Project concepts

CountryTitleMultilateral Implementing EntityNational Implementing EntityRegional Implementing EntitySubmission date
Viet NamConcept Note: Promoting Financial Incentive Mechanisms For Community-Based Sustainable Coastal Wetland Management in Vietnam (CM-FIM)International Fund Agricultural Dev08/09/2021
SomaliaConcept Note: Enhancing Adaptation and Resilience through Nature-based Solutions (EARNSS) in SomaliaUN Environment Programme08/09/2021
BelizeConcept Note: Securing Water Resources through Solar Energy and Innovative Adaptive Management (SEAM)Protected Areas Conservation Trust08/09/2021
BelizeConcept Note: Building Community Resilience via Transformative AdaptationProtected Areas Conservation Trust08/09/2021
RegionalStrengthening Resilience of Vulnerable Communities in Sri Lanka and India to Increased Impacts of Climate Change (India, Sri Lanka)UN World Food Programme08/09/2021
RegionalStrengthening the Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Communities of Cuba and Panama to Climate Change Through the Binational Exchange of Best Practices for Climate Management and Local Food Security (Cuba, Panama)Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations08/09/2021
RegionalEnhancing Water and Food Security through Sustainable Groundwater Development in the SADC Region (Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe)International Fund Agricultural Dev08/09/2021
VanuatuEnhancing Livelihood Resilience in Vanuatu through Forest and Landscape RestorationFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations08/09/2021
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic ofBuilding Climate Resilience of the Agricultural System in Radovish Region through Improved Irrigation, Land and Water ManagementFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations08/09/2021
NicaraguaClimate Resilience and Livelihoods in the Nicaraguan Dry CorridorFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations08/09/2021
Trinidad and TobagoMultisectoral Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in the South Oropouche Basin for River Flood ReliefDevelopment Bank of Latin America08/09/2021
UgandaEnhancing Community Adaptation to Climate Change through Climate Resilient Flood Early Warning, Catchment Management and Wash Technologies in Mpologoma Catchment, UgandaMinistry of Water and Environment of Uganda08/09/2021
Tanzania, United Republic ofClimate Change Adaptation in Saltwater Stressed and Freshwater Deficient Communities in ZanzibarNational Environment Management Council 08/09/2021
HondurasLet's Save the MerendonComisión Acción Social Menonita (CASM) of Honduras08/09/2021
Costa RicaIncreasing the Resilience of Vulnerable Populations in Costa Rica by Scaling Up Adapta2+Fundecooperacin Para el Desarollo Sostenible08/09/2021

Projects Pre-concepts

CountryTitleMultilateral Implementing EntityNational Implementing EntityRegional Implementing EntitySubmission date
RegionalEnhancing the Climate Resilience of Coastal Communities in Limon, Costa Rica, and Bocas del Toro, Panama through Nature-based Solutions for Local Livelihoods (Costa Rica, Panama)UN Environment Programme08/09/2021
RegionalIncreasing Climate Resilience in Food Systems through the Expansion of Smart (Peri-)Urban Agriculture (Cambodia, Viet Nam)United Nations Industrial Development Organization08/09/2021
RegionalEnhancing Climate Resilience of Mekong River Communities through Strengthening Climate Services (ECR-MEKONG) (Cambodia, Lao (People's Democratic Republic), Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam)World Meteorological Organization08/09/2021
RegionalTowards a Climate Risks Shield in the Mono River Basin: Strengthening Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change through Integrated Water Resources and Flood Management (Project: BOUCLIER-CLIMAT1/Mono) (Benin, Togo)Sahara and Sahel Observatory08/09/2021