Current Job Announcements

Short-Term Senior Consultant (Part time) – Support with Methodology to Track Aggregated Portfolio Impacts and Update of the Strategic Results Framework

The consultant will primarily be engaged to develop a proposal for the update and revision of the Fund’s SRF in line with the Fund’s programmatic developments and the current MTS. In addition, the consultant will develop a methodology to track aggregated actual impact results for the Fund’s portfolio and will update and revise the indicators for tracking Fund level processes, called “efficiency and effectiveness indicators” which the secretariat needs to report on annually as part of the Annual Performance Report.

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Short-Term Consultant – Technical Reviewer Specialist

The consultant will primarily be engaged in the technical review of single-country and regional project and programme submissions to the Adaptation Fund and other work relevant to the review cycles, such as preparation of documents, and would be engaged on a retainer basis during periodic review cycles. The consultant may, as needed, also support the review process of project/programme performance reports and various project-related reports, and requests submitted by the implementing entities during project/programme implementation.

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Past Job Announcements (Closed)