Readiness Grant Funding

There are several small grants available under the Climate Finance Readiness Programme to help national implementing entities (NIEs) provide peer support to countries seeking accreditation with the Fund and to build capacity for undertaking various climate finance readiness activities. Please read the grant calls for further details on eligibility and criteria.

The calls for 2017 grants have been closed. Please check back on this page later to learn more about the 2018 grants.

South-South Cooperation Grants

Project Formulation Assistance (PFA) Grants

Technical Assistance (TA) Grants for ESP and Gender Policy

Monitoring & Evaluation of Readiness Grant Projects and Notifications to the AFB Secretariat

The National Implementing Entities with an approved Readiness Grant Project should send a notification of project start, notification of project completion, and a report to the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat on monitoring and evaluation of projects under the Readiness Programme using the templates approved by the Adaptation Fund Board in its 29th meeting (Decision B.29/42).

The monitoring report should be sent six months after project inception and the completion/evaluation report at least three months but no more than six months after project completion. Please see the document templates in the attachment section below.


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