Projects & Programmes on Waitlist

In December 2010, the Adaptation Fund Board decided to ensure that national implementing entities (NIEs) and regional implementing entities (RIEs) could access at least the same total amount of financing as multilateral implementing entities (MIEs). The Board realized that as these entities took on their new roles in accessing Adaptation Fund project financing, their development of full proposals took longer than it did for MIEs.

The Board thus placed a 50 per cent cap on financing for MIEs proposals. If the cumulative funding for MIE proposals would reach the 50 per cent cap, additional MIE proposals, once technically cleared by the Board, would be placed in a “pipeline” and funded when additional funds were received by the Fund.

Between December 2012 and May 2015, altogether 10 MIE proposals were placed in the pipeline and subsequently funded from it as additional funds became available. There are currently no MIE projects and programmes in the pipeline, and funds are available for new MIE proposals.