Press Releases

Press Releases

2902, 2024

New Adaptation Fund Study Shows Importance of Addressing Climate Change in Context of Fragile and Conflict-Affected Settings

29 February 2024|Press Releases|

1801, 2024

Adaptation Fund Senior Climate Specialist Mahamat Assouyouti Appointed Economy Minister in Chad

18 January 2024|Press Releases|

2012, 2023

[NEWS RELEASE]: Adaptation Fund Evaluation Policy Launched at COP28

20 December 2023|Press Releases|

1012, 2023

Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator Grantee Wins Local Adaptation Champion Award at COP28

10 December 2023|Press Releases|

412, 2023

[NEWS RELEASE]: Adaptation Fund Mobilizes Over US$ 192 Million in New Pledges at COP28 for the Most Climate-Vulnerable

4 December 2023|Press Releases|

312, 2023

[News Release] Adaptation Fund Demonstrates Commitment to Strengthening Health Adaptation and Resilience at COP 28 in Dubai

3 December 2023|Press Releases|

312, 2023

[News Release] Enhancing access and increasing impact: the role of the multilateral climate funds

3 December 2023|Press Releases|

1611, 2023

Adaptation Fund Study Shows How Disaster Risk Reduction and Early Warning Systems Strengthen Long-Term Resilience to Climate Change

16 November 2023|Press Releases|

211, 2023

Adaptation Fund Stands Poised to Continue to Deliver to Most Vulnerable, Amid Release of Telling Adaptation Gap Report

2 November 2023|Press Releases|

211, 2023

[WMO] Climate change is bad for health but climate services save lives

2 November 2023|Press Releases|

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