Project Performance & Reporting

Reporting on projects/programmes is important to capture results and implementation progress.

As per decisions B.16/21 and B.18/29, the Adaptation Fund Board approved the following reporting process requirements by the implementing entities to the Board’s Ethics and Finance Committee (EFC) through the secretariat:


Project/ Programme Inception Report

The Board has set a target of six (6) months from the first cash transfer to project/programme start. For concrete adaptation projects/programmes the Board decided to consider the start date the first day of the project/programme’s inception workshop (Decision B.18/29). The submission of the inception workshop report by the entity to the secretariat will be considered the notification of project/programme start to the Board. The Implementing Entity must therefore submit both the date of the inception workshop and the entity’s inception report to the Fund secretariat no later than one (1) month after the workshop has taken place.


Project/ Programme Performance Report (PPR)

Once a project is approved and the first funds are transferred to the project, the implementing entity is required to submit a project/programme performance report (PPR) on an annual basis [1] using the PPR template approved by the Board. The PPR should be submitted on a rolling basis, starting one year after the start of project implementation (date of inception workshop). PPRs shall be submitted no later than two months after the end of the reporting year. The last PPR should be submitted six (6) months after project completion, which will be considered the project completion report. The disbursement schedule will be linked to the submission of the PPR.

Please note: The Board approved a PPR template in decision B.16/21 and revised the template in decision B.18/29 and in B.34/44. Implementing Entities are requested to use the revised PPR template as amended by the Board in October 2019 (Decision B.34/44).

PPRs that have been submitted by Implementing Entities and cleared by the AFB secretariat are posted on the website under the relevant Projects & Programmes.

[1] An annual report is the minimum requirement. There may be cases where the Board requests more frequent reporting or additional reports, as for example through requirements linked to the accreditation of an implementing entity.


Project/ Programme Mid-term and Terminal Evaluations

A mid-term evaluation must be undertaken for projects/programmes that are under implementation for over four (4) years. Guidelines for terminal evaluations were approved at the 14th Board meeting (AFB/EFC.5/5). These guidelines provide the minimum requirements of the Fund for undertaking terminal evaluations.

Mid-term evaluations that have been submitted by Implementing Entities and cleared by the AFB secretariat are posted on the website under the relevant Projects & Programmes.


Audited Financial Statement

As described in the standard legal agreement a final audited financial statement of the Implementing Entity Grant Account, prepared by an independent auditor or evaluation body, must be submitted within six (6) months of the end of the Implementing Entity’s financial year during which the project/programme is completed.


Project Completion Summary

In accordance with the project agreement, implementing entities are required to submit a project completion report within six (6) months after Project completion, and the final project performance report (PPR) is considered as a project completion report. While the PPRs meet technical requirements, the information is reported by year and its format is not ideal to convey the overall information and knowledge to wider and more general audiences. To supplement this, implementing entities are requested to prepare a project completion summary.


Reporting Templates and Guidance Documents

PPR Template (Amended in October 2019)

Guidance Document to Complete PPR

Results Tracker Guidance Document (Amended in October 2019)

Guidance Document to Implementing Entities for Projects with Unidentified Sub-Projects (USPs)

Instruction for project completion summary

Instruction for audited financial statements