Project Performance & Reporting

At its 18th meeting in June 2012, the Board approved a revised Project Performance Report (PPR) template and a review process for project performance reports (PPRs) to establish a set of criteria for clearing PPRs.

As part of the Fund’s reporting requirements, implementing entities are required to submit a PPR on an annual basis to the Ethics and finance Committee (EFC) through the secretariat. [1] The PPR should be submitted on a rolling basis, one year after the start of project implementation (date of inception workshop) and the last such report should be submitted six months after project completion. This will be considered the project completion report. PPRs shall be submitted no later than two months after the end of the reporting year.

PPR requirements

The PPR requires reporting on a number of areas including, financial, procurement, risk, implementation progress, and progress toward outputs and outcomes, and against the identified milestones. Disbursements of tranches of funding are tied to the clearance of PPRs. Accordingly, the review process of the PPRs provides a structures process that allows the secretariat to flag irregular reporting. This may lead to further examination and trigger other review mechanisms the Board has at its disposal.

Once the PPR is submitted, the secretariat will review the report and provide a recommendation to the Board as to whether additional funds should be transferred. In order to ensure that projects/programmes are not delayed the Board will clear the recommendation and subsequent disbursement of funds intersessionally, subject to a 2-week review on a “non-objection” basis. If any Board member objects to the recommendation, then the PPR for the project/programme will be discussed at the next Board meeting.

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[1] An annual report is the minimum requirement. There may be cases where the Board requests more frequent reporting or additional reports, as for example through requirements linked to the accreditation of an implementing entity.

Post-completion reporting


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