Urban Development

Enhancing the resilience inclusive and sustainable eco-human settlement development through small scale infrastructure interventions in the coastal regions of the Mekong Delta in Viet Nam

Viet Nam - Asia-Pacific

This project focuses on dealing with saltwater intrusion and coastal erosions in Mekong Delta, which are the major impacts from the climate change. Along with the water resource management and coastal erosion issues, the lack of vertical and horizontal coordination has been bottlenecked for the community to reflect their needs to the provincial and national

Enhance community, local and national-level urban climate change resilience to water scarcity, caused by floods and droughts in Rawalpindi and Nowshera, Pakistan

Pakistan - Asia-Pacific

Deforestation has been a persistent problem with a variety of causes in Pakistan, including settlement expansion, agro-industrial expansion, use of wood for domestic fuel, logging and forest fires. Meanwhile glacial melt and retreat and the rise of the permanent snow line causes increased run-off, which is more difficult to retain due to deforestation. The main objective