Accreditation Application

Adaptation Fund receives accreditation applications in English only through its dedicated website, Accreditation Workflow. For additional information and request for details on how to register as a user on the Workflow, please send an email to with subject heading: Accreditation application.

Please read more about the accreditation process on the main Accreditation page.

Accreditation Application Documents

Re-accreditation Process

The accreditation with the Adaptation Fund (the Fund) is valid for five years. The Entity is requested to submit a re-accreditation application with supporting documents through online electronically on Adaptation Fund’s Accreditation Workflow at least nine months prior to the accreditation expires (Decision B.22/3), considering the time period taken for the application review process. Please note that once the accreditation expires, the implementing entity is not eligible to submit project proposal until it is re-accredited.

The entity is requested to submit an expression of interest indicating that the organization wishes to pursue renewal of their accreditation and to acknowledge that materials should be submitted nine months prior to their accreditation expiration date (Decision B.22/3). As part of the re-accreditation process, all the required standards need to be demonstrated by the applicant and will be reviewed by the Accreditation Panel.

The renewal of accreditation will focus on the aspects including 1) continued compliance with the Fund’s fiduciary standards; 2) ability to comply with the Environmental and Social Policy (ESP) and the Gender policy of the Fund; and 3) the results of the assessment of the implementing entity’s performance regarding quality at entry and project/programme implementation (Decision B.22/3).

Regular Re-accreditation Application Documents

Fast-Track Re-accreditation Application Documents

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