Water Management

The effects of climate change on water will present some of the greatest challenges the world will face. This will be in the form of increased activity at the extremes, including droughts and extreme rain events that cause floods. It will also be characterized by greater variability, meaning more unpredictable rainfall patterns. Therefore, sustainably managing water resources will be of critical importance to ensure people across the world have access to water for their daily needs. Adaptation in this sector can take shape at a variety of levels, from households employing techniques to harvest rainwater, all the way to entire watersheds, where ecosystem based adaptation can improve the ability of natural systems to function effectively, thus securing water resources on a regional scale.

Enhancing Climate Resilience in San Cristóbal province, Dominican Republic Integrated Water Resources Management and Rural Development Programme

Dominican Republic - Latin America and Caribbean

Water is a transcendental aspect within the thematic priorities and cross-cutting themes of the development agenda of the Dominican Republic, due to its effects on public health and rural livelihoods. Integrated water resources management (IWRM), which considers climate change, especially in river basins, sub-basins and other sources of water supply for rural communities, is a