Readiness Package Grant


The Adaptation Fund’s Readiness Programme for Climate Finance aims to help strengthen the capacity of developing country Parties to access climate adaptation finance, particularly through the Direct Access modality, and their overall capacity to develop and initiate implementation of concrete projects and programmes that increase the resilience of vulnerable communities to the impacts of climate change. The programme also aims to advance direct access in developing countries and promotes the accreditation of National Implementing Entities (NIEs) from developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

As part of the Readiness Programme, the Adaptation Fund Board decided to make available the Readiness Package Grant as a standing window and replacement to South-South Cooperation Grants under the Readiness Programme to provide support for the accreditation of a National Implementing Entity (NIE) of the Fund. The grant continues to support South-South Cooperation (SSC) through a more comprehensive suit of tools to address accreditation gap areas within NIE candidates/applicants to help them adequately meet the Fund’s accreditation criteria.


The objective of the readiness package is to provide enhanced support for accreditation by simultaneously employing a suite of tools to advance the delivery of climate finance through Direct Access. This includes enabling the recruitment of fiduciary, governance and other experts to support entities navigating the accreditation process to effectively address technical gaps and challenges, complete the process and obtain accreditation with the Fund.


All developing country Parties to the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that wish to have an NIE accredited with the Fund are eligible to receive the Readiness Package grant, including those that had previously accessed the SSC grant. The grant is available as a once off grant per NIE.

How it Works

The Readiness Package Grant is available for accreditation of NIEs only, up to a maximum of
US$ 150,000 per NIE.

The Adaptation Fund Designated Authority (DA) of an eligible developing country identifies an eligible accredited Implementing Entity (IE) of the Fund that can act as Intermediary to deliver support for accreditation through the Readiness Package Grant and initiates dialogue. The list of the Adaptation Fund accredited IEs can be found here.  Through continued dialogue and exchange, the country seeking NIE accreditation and the identified Intermediary jointly prepare a proposal for the Readiness Package Grant based on careful consideration of the requirements in the application form, an assessment of accreditation needs, gaps and required solutions to obtain accreditation with the Fund.  The Intermediary submits the developed proposal to the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat as per the Fund’s process and procedures.

Following receipt of the proposal, the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat will review the application and make a recommendation to the Board. The Board will then make a decision on the proposal and if approved, funds will be transferred to the Intermediary to implement, together with the country seeking accreditation, the activities for accreditation support as outlined in the proposal.

The Adaptation Fund may also host capacity-building workshops with intermediaries and developing countries wishing to access resources from the Fund through the Direct Access modality. The workshops, among a minimum, would aim to, achieve the following:

  • Provide up-to-date information about the Fund, its accreditation process and procedures,
  • Facilitate the exchange of accreditation experiences by developing countries and entities seeking accreditation with the Fund and those that have provided accreditation support,
  • Outline, discuss and explore solutions to challenges and gaps being experienced within different regions and by individual applicants, and
  • Discuss and explore solutions to challenges faced by intermediaries in delivering support  for NIE accreditation.

Information on the workshops, including other readiness events is available on the Fund website and  will be communicated to stakeholders on a regular basis.

Apply for the Readiness Package Grant

The window for the Readiness Package Grant proposal is open from 1 February to 31 March and from 1 July to 31 August every year.

To submit a proposal for the Readiness Package Grant, please click on the instructions link below, where you can download and complete the application form. The application form must be submitted together with a signed letter of endorsement by the Designated Authority (DA) to the Adaptation Fund.

All applications should be sent to and carbon copy to and

Instructions for applying for  the Readiness Package grant