About Innovation

Innovation is a key strategic pillar, alongside Action and Learning & Sharing, of the Fund’s Medium-Term Strategy for 2023-2027 and builds on innovation work carried out in the Fund’s previous MTS for 2018-2022. The pillar’s objective is closely aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement and is aimed at accelerating, fostering and empowering innovation for effective, long-term adaptation to climate change while broadening the Fund’s base of proven, scalable innovative projects on the ground. While the Fund has a rich history of pioneering innovative adaptation projects and finance modalities, the innovation pillar is designed to further foster innovation in adaptation through a variety of specific innovation grant funding windows. Some are available to the Fund’s accredited implementing entities, while others are available to a broader audience of local governments, CSOs, the private sector, community groups such as women and youth entrepreneurs, indigenous peoples, and others. The innovation pillar is also working closely with the Fund’s knowledge pillar to offer e-trainings for innovation grants and innovation events.