With increased instances of droughts and extreme rainfall events, and more variability in temperature and rainfall patterns, climate change is threatening agricultural production around the world. The Adaptation Fund finances projects and programmes to help the most vulnerable communities in developing countries cope with these challenges. Fund-financed initiatives include enabling farmers to test climate resilient technologies and practices, from drought tolerant seeds, to improved irrigation systems and more sustainable land management practices. These offer farmers an opportunity to secure their livelihoods before the worst effects are felt.

Strengthen the Resilience of Smallholder Farmers to the Effects of Climate Change through the Adoption of Proven Innovative Technologies and Practices

Côte d'Ivoire - Africa

Regional Resilient Pastoral Communities Project -ADAPT

Kyrgyzstan - Asia-Pacific

  The Kyrgyz forests face severe degradation due to overharvesting for use as fuel wood (mainly managed by women) and housing construction. The country’s fragile mountain topography, combined with depletion of forest cover, results in wind and water soil erosion on sloping lands. Other interrelated problems relate