With increased instances of droughts and extreme rainfall events, and more variability in temperature and rainfall patterns, climate change is threatening agricultural production around the world. The Adaptation Fund finances projects and programmes to help the most vulnerable communities in developing countries cope with these challenges. Fund-financed initiatives include enabling farmers to test climate resilient technologies and practices, from drought tolerant seeds, to improved irrigation systems and more sustainable land management practices. These offer farmers an opportunity to secure their livelihoods before the worst effects are felt.

Dairy Modernization and Market Access: Adaptation Component (DiMMAdapt)

Georgia - Eastern Europe

Building resilience for adaptation to climate change and climate vulnernabilities in agriculture in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia - Latin America and Caribbean

Saint Lucia’s agricultural sector provides the main source of livelihood security, household food security and incomes for 22% of the population. The productivity of the livelihood base is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, such as hurricanes, intense rainfall, floods, droughts and temperature changes. Even normal rainfall can a trigger multiple landslides with