With increased instances of droughts and extreme rainfall events, and more variability in temperature and rainfall patterns, climate change is threatening agricultural production around the world. The Adaptation Fund finances projects and programmes to help the most vulnerable communities in developing countries cope with these challenges. Fund-financed initiatives include enabling farmers to test climate resilient technologies and practices, from drought tolerant seeds, to improved irrigation systems and more sustainable land management practices. These offer farmers an opportunity to secure their livelihoods before the worst effects are felt.

Community-based integrated farming systems for climate change adaptation

Namibia - Africa

Scaling Climate Resilience for Farmers in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan - Asia-Pacific

Building Resilience of the Agriculture Sector to Climate Change in Iraq

Iraq - Asia-Pacific

The agricultural sector in Iraq is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. Climate change is already showing major impacts in terms of water scarcity and soil salinization, with increased vulnerability of poor rural communities. The predicted future climate conditions will significantly reduce water availability in the spring/summer periods critical for crop production, causing marked reduction

Scaling up climate-smart agriculture in East Guinea Bissau

Guinea-Bissau - Sub-Saharan Africa

In the context of extreme vulnerability of family farmers to climate change in dry land East Guinea-Bissau, the overall objective of the project is to strengthen practices and capacities in climate-smart agriculture in the project region and at institutional level. Through the project’s activities, food security and livelihoods are to be strengthened at household level

Community-based Integrated Farming System for Climate Change Adaptation


Increasing the Resilience of Vulnerable Communities in the Agriculture Sector of Mandouri in Northern Togo


Climate changes adaptation project in oasis zones – PACC-ZO


The oasis zone in southern Morocco has 1.733 million inhabitants. Today, environmental heritage, the major wealth of the productive activities in the Moroccan oases, which has already been weakened by recurrent periods of drought, and is subject to an arid climate and irrational modes of exploitation (overfishing, overgrazing, excessive water pumping, etc.), is now further

Climate smart actions and strategies in north western Himalayan region for sustainable livelihoods of agriculture-dependent hill communities

India - Asia-Pacific

Rising temperatures, changed precipitation conditions, and extreme weather events have increased the vulnerability of the communities in the Indian Himalayan Region and further accelerated the process of marginalization of the hill communities in the Champawat district, in Uttarakhand state. Climate change has also accelerated the process of degradation of the natural resource base. The effects of climate change

Enhancing resilience to climate change of the small agriculture in the Chilean region of O’Higgins

Chile - Latin America and Caribbean

The O´Higgins region includes 33 municipalities eight of which are chosen as project area: Paredones, Pichilemu, Marchihue, La Estrella, Litueche, Navidad, Lolol and Pumanque. According to climate change projections, O'Higgins region is located among the areas that will be most affected by precipitation decreases. The effects of climate change are projected to further exacerbate water scarcity and

Enhancing Adaptive Capacity and Increasing Resilience of Small and Marginal Farmers in Purulia and Bankura Districts of West Bengal

India - Asia-Pacific

In West Bengal, an eastern state of India, 17.4% of the total Net State Domestic Product (NSDP, 2012-13) and 70% of the total population, mainly the rural population, are dependent on climate sensitive sectors (such as agriculture including animal husbandry and horticulture, forestry and fisheries). This project aims at developing climate adaptive and resilient livelihood systems through diversification,