Multisector Projects

Given the wide reaching impacts of climate change, the most apt solutions will often work across development sectors. In this area the goal is to find synergies, such as those between agriculture and water management, that will enable projects to target the vulnerabilities that cross traditional boundaries with holistic solutions that do the same.


Innovative Financial Incentives for Adaptation in Wetland Livelihoods (IFIA)

Viet Nam - Asia-Pacific

Rwanda Subnational Adaptation Fund EDA

Rwanda - Africa

Adaptation to Climate Change and Resilience in the Montenegrin Mountain Areas-Gora

Montenegro - Eastern Europe

Build Resilience to Climate Change and Climate Variability of Vulnerable Communities in Mullaitivu District of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Asia-Pacific

  Mullaitivu District is one of the newly created Districts in Sri Lanka. Mullaitivu District belongs to the Dry Zone which has four agro-ecological regions. Mullaitivu District regularly experiences droughts, floods, strong winds and lightning and being a coastal area is open to the threat of coastal hazards.

Multisectoral Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in the South Oropouche River Basin for Flood Relief

Trinidad and Tobago - Latin America & Caribbean

  Traditionally, flooding in the South Oropouche River Basin (SORB) from high intensity, short duration storms occur about ten times each year. However, in the last five years, basin-wide floods with high water depths, taking several days to subside, have been occurring almost annually. These floods cause

Adaptation to Climate-Induced Water Stresses through Integrated Landscape Management in Bhutan

Bhutan - Asia-Pacific

  The proposed project will be implemented in three dzongkhags, namely Dagana, Paro and Tsirang and 13 gewogs. These gewogs have been identified as priorities for intervention under the government’s “water flagship programme” due to their specific vulnerabilities exacerbated by climate change that need to be specifically addressed