Project Scale-up Grants


The Adaptation Fund (the Fund) Medium-Term Strategy (MTS) was approved by the Adaptation Fund Board (the Board) in October 2017 and focusses on three main pillars: Action; Innovation; and Learning. The MTS implementation plan outlines expected results, outputs, and activities that will be undertaken to put the MTS into action, indicators for measuring performance and a tentative budget and timeline. The “Action” pillar includes three expected result areas, the third (ER3) being that: Effective action is scaled up. Under ER3 it is expected that countries would be readied to scale up effective projects/ programmes for funding from other climate funds and finance channels (including private sector).  Expected outputs under this result area are project scale-up grants, and the delivery method as well as features and implementation arrangements for the project scale-up grants were approved by the Board at its thirty-second meeting, through Decision 32/39.

Project Scale-Up Grants are funded under the Fund’s Readiness Programme for Climate Finance and activities under ER3 include: Readiness funding to support planning, assessment, capacity enhancement (individual, organization and institutional) for designing and developing scaling up pathways for project scale up; and Public and private partnerships and collaborations to support project development for scale up.


Project Scale-Up Grants provide readiness funding to NIEs to support planning, design and development of scale-up activities. The overall goal of Project Scale-Up Grants is to increase the readiness of accredited national implementing entities (NIEs) to expand or replicate quality projects that are based on country needs, views and priorities, in order to reach more people and/or broaden project/programme effectiveness to help vulnerable communities in developing countries adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.

The objective of the Project Scale-Up Grants is to provide readiness funding to support planning, assessment, capacity enhancement (individual, organization and institutional) for designing and developing scaling up pathways for Adaptation Fund project/programmes under implementation and nearing completion or completed.

It is expected that implementation of project/programme scale-up would be funded by various sources, such as other climate funds but also from other finance channels (including private sector).


The Adaptation Fund has accredited National Implementing Entities (NIEs) at all different stages of the project cycle. NIEs eligible to receive Project Scale-Up Grants are those that are accredited with the Fund with an accreditation status of “Accredited”, and that have tangible achievements on their project/programme with the Fund.

The NIE should be nearing project/programme completion as evidenced by the submission of at least two project performance reports (PPR) for projects with a life span of less than 4 years, or a mid-term evaluation/review (MTE/MTR) for projects with a life span of more than 4 years or have completed implementation as demonstrated by the submission of the project/programme terminal evaluation report.

How It Works

Project Scale-Up Grants are available up to a maximum of US$ 100,000 per project/programme.

Following receipt of the proposal for a Project Scale-Up Grant, the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat will review the application and make a recommendation to the Board. The Board will then make a decision on the proposal and if approved, funds will be transferred to the accredited NIE to implement the activities as outlined in the proposal.

Apply for a Project Scale-Up Grant

The Adaptation Fund Board accepts and considers project proposals for Project Scale-Up Grants twice a year. The proposals are considered at the regular meetings of the Board. The deadline for submission of proposals is the same as that for all other regular project and programme proposals submitted to the Fund and  can be found under Apply for Funding and on the calendar on this website. Please note that the deadline published for intersessional review of project and programme proposals is not applicable to Project Scale-Up Grants as they can only be considered at the regular meetings of the Board.

To apply for a Project Scale-Up Grant, please find below the instructions, where you can download and complete the application form. The application form must be submitted together with a signed letter of endorsement by the Designated Authority (DA) to the Adaptation Fund. Please submit proposals to with copy to and

Instructions for applying for a project scale-up grant