Active Pipeline Projects

This list includes projects and programmes that have been received during the preceding 12 months but that have not yet been approved by the Adaptation Fund Board as full proposals. The purpose of the list is to provide concrete examples of project proposals and concepts that are currently under consideration in order to facilitate proposal and concept planning for the implementing entities.

Resubmissions of fully developed proposals, concepts, and pre-concept notes to the current review cycle are listed in the “Proposals Under Review”, available here.

Active Pipeline Projects summary (US$)

Project statusAmountTotal amount
Active pipeline projects total 372,616,464
 Proposal Not Approved0 
 Endorsed Concept115,302,878 
 Non-endorsed Concept0 
 Pre-concept endorsed27,699,500 
 Pre-concept not endorsed0 
 Proposal submitted114,813,047 
 Concept submitted73,999,469 
 Pre-concept submitted40,301,575 
 Small grants for innovation submitted499,995 

Proposal Not ApprovedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category

Endorsed ConceptTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
RegionalClimate Resilient Agriculture Programme: Strengthening Adaptation and Productivity for Sustainable GrowthCaribbean Development Bank01/25/202413,999,520Regular Size Project
UzbekistanResilient Food Systems through Climate Services for Agriculture in UzbekistanInternational Fund Agricultural Dev12/07/202310,000,000Regular Size Project
Bosnia and HerzegovinaIncreasing Climate Change Resilience in the Agricultural sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina - StazaInternational Fund Agricultural Dev11/28/202310,000,000Regular Size Project
ArmeniaEnhancing Resilience of Communities to Climate Change in Shirak Marz Leveraging Best Practices of the Pilot Project Implemented in Artik CommunityEnvironmental Project Implementation Unit02/02/20244,472,630Regular Size Project
Côte d'IvoireProject to Strengthen the Resilience of Local Communities in the Bafing Region made Vulnerable due to Farmer-Breeder Conflict Exacerbated by the Effects of Climate ChangeThe Interprofessional Fund for Agricultural Research11/14/20234,950,000Enhanced Direct Access
ArmeniaEnhanced Direct Access Project for ArmeniaEnvironmental Project Implementation Unit10/03/20234,760,000Enhanced Direct Access
HondurasConstructing Resilience Together to Face Climate Change and Variability in Western HondurasComisión Acción Social Menonita (CASM) of Honduras07/18/20234,000,000Regular Size Project
BurundiEnhancing Resilience to Flood and Drought through a Unique Combination of Innovative Climate Adaptation Tools, Technologies, and Practices in BurundiUN Environment Programme01/30/20245,000,000Innovation Large Project
RegionalHydrological Status and Outlook System for Integrated Water Resources Management and Climate Resilience in Bangladesh and Nepal (HydroSOS-BaNe)World Meteorological Organization10/10/202312,090,000Regular Size Project
RegionalBuilding Inclusive Resilience to Climate Change for Semi Nomadic Agro Pastoral Communities in the Transboundary Kunene River BasinInternational Fund Agricultural Dev08/10/202314,000,000Regular Size Project
MexicoHa Ta Tukari, “Water our Life”: Towards Universal Drinking Water Coverage for 23 Communities of the Wixarika NationMexican Institute of Water Technology10/30/20238,000,000Regular Size Project
IndonesiaCollaboration for the Conservation of Cimandiri Watershed Landscapes through the Potential of Silvopasture and Community AgroforestryPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia11/08/2023960,225Small Size Project
IndonesiaStrengthening the Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Village Communities in Supporting Food Security as a Response to Climate Change through Stakeholder Elaboration Actions in West Sulawesi ProvincePartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia11/09/2023970,503Small Size Project
ArgentinaStrengthening Community Resilience of Rural Populations in the Drylands of Northwestern Argentina Facing Climate Change, Improving Access to Water and the Implementation of Sustainable Land Management PracticesDevelopment Bank of Latin America12/07/202310,000,000Regular Size Project
RegionalEnhancing the Climate Resilience of Coastal Communities in Limon, Costa Rica, and Bocas del Toro, Panama through Nature-based Solutions for Local Livelihoods (Costa Rica, Panama)UN Environment Programme01/08/202412,100,000Regular Size Project

Non-endorsed ConceptTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category

Pre-concept EndorsedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
RegionalBuilding Climate-Resilient Health Systems in AfricaWorld Health Organization01/14/202413,920,000Regular Size Project
RegionalStrengthening Climate Resilience and Food Security through South-South Cooperation in Adaptive Rice Production in Malaysia and the PhilippinesUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization08/21/202313,779,500Regular Size Project

Pre-Concept Not EndorsedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category

Proposal submittedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatusGrant Category
RwandaEnhancing Adaptation through Catchments Restoration 6 Sub-catchment of Mukungwa Catchment in RwandaMinistry of Environment, Rwanda9,850,00003/07/2024Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
AzerbaijanBuilding Climate Resilient Cities and Communities in the Republic of AzerbaijanUN-Habitat8,626,72803/20/2024Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
RegionalStrengthening the Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Communities of Cuba and Panama to Climate Change through the Binational Exchange of Best Practices for Climate Management and Local Food SecurityInternational Fund Agricultural Dev13,999,50001/08/2024Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
ArmeniaEnhancing the Land-based Adaptation of Communities Adjacent to Arid Zones and Forest Protected areas of Armenia by Duplicating and Expanding the Successful Mechanisms of the Previous ProjectsEnvironmental Project Implementation Unit3,780,51302/16/2024Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
RwandaEnhancing adaptation through sustainable green settlements and climate-resilient livelihoods in the Volcano Region of RwandaMinistry of Environment, Rwanda10,622,56007/21/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
PakistanSustainable Actions For Ecosystems Restoration in Pakistan (SAFER Pakistan)International Center for Integrated Mountain Development 10,000,00012/20/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
BangladeshGreen, Resilient, and Adaptive CHT Economy (GRACE)-LoCALplusInternational Center for Integrated Mountain Development 9,999,93001/15/2024Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
BangladeshAccess to Safe Drinking Water for the Climate Vulnerable People in Coastal Areas of BangladeshPalli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) of Bangladesh5,000,00012/08/2023Proposal SubmittedInnovation Large Project
ZambiaClimate Change Adaptation of Livelihoods through Rural Finance (CALRF)International Fund Agricultural Dev10,000,00001/15/2024Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
PhilippinesHarnessing the Water-energy-food Nexus to Address and Adapt to Climate Change Impacts in Tawi-TawiUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization7,432,19607/18/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
PeruBuilding a Program for Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change of Andean Local Communities and Ecosystems in PeruPeruvian Trust Fund for National Parks and Protected Areas4,746,62005/14/2024Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
PanamaStrengthening Climate Resilience in Livelihoods and Coastal Ecosystems of the Central Pacific of PanamaFundacion Natura10,000,00008/18/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
RegionalIntegrated water resources management and early warning system for climate change resilience in the Lake Chad BasinWorld Meteorological Organization10,755,00001/22/2024Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project

Concept submittedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatusGrant Category
BotswanaEnhancing Climate Resilient Water, Food, and Energy Systems in Botswana through Sustainable Natural Resources ManagementInternational Fund Agricultural Dev10,000,00001/15/2024Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
SomaliaGreen and Resilient Ecosystems for Somali Livelihoods (Hal-abuur)International Fund Agricultural Dev10,000,00003/27/2024Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
AlbaniaEcosystem-based Adaptation for Livelihood Resilience in Albanian Lagoons and River Basins – LumiInternational Fund Agricultural Dev10,000,00001/08/2024Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
MalawiSmallholder Climate Resilience ProjectInternational Fund Agricultural Dev10,000,00012/22/2023Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
Bolivia, Plurinational State ofEnhancing Climate Resilience and Protecting Agricultural Productivity in Critical Climate-vulnerable Areas of Bolivia through the Recovery of Water RechargeInternational Fund Agricultural Dev10,000,00003/08/2024Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
TunisiaStrengthening Adaptive Capacity and Livelihood Security in the Most Vulnerable Oases of the Governate of TozeurUN World Food Programme9,999,46903/28/2024Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
RegionalBuilding Resilience of Urban Communities in Central America by Leveraging Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for AdaptationUN Environment Programme14,000,00002/19/2024Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project

Pre-concept submittedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatusGrant Category
RegionalBuilding Climate-Resilient Health Systems in AfricaWorld Health Organization13,920,00001/14/2024Pre-concept endorsedPre-concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
RegionalAdaptAndes: Enhancing Socioecosystems Resilience, Knowledge Management and Regional Cooperation and Governance Across the AndesUN Environment Programme13,915,00002/20/2024Pre-concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
RegionalEnhancing Climate Adaptation and Resilience of Mekong Communities through Strengthening of Weather, Water and Climate Services (ECR-MEKONG) Countries: Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic (PDR), Viet Nam and ThailandWorld Meteorological Organization12,466,57512/22/2023Pre-concept SubmittedRegular Size Project

Small grants for innovation submittedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatus
PanamaImproved livelihoods through Access to Water, Health and Food Security through Innovation and Technology Transfer to the Population of the Province of Darien of the Republic of PanamaFundacion Natura249,99508/10/2023Grant submitted - NIE Small Grants for InnovationProposal Submitted
ChileSustainable Corridors. Adapting Electricity Transmission Infrastructure to the Climate Crisis through Nature-Based Solutions in the Antofagasta RegionAgencia de Cooperación Internacional de Chile250,00010/02/2023Grant submitted - NIE Small Grants for InnovationProposal Submitted