Active Pipeline Projects

This list includes projects and programmes that have been received during the preceding 12 months but that have not yet been approved by the Adaptation Fund Board as full proposals. The purpose of the list is to provide concrete examples of project proposals and concepts that are currently under consideration in order to facilitate proposal and concept planning for the implementing entities.

Resubmissions of fully developed proposals, concepts, and pre-concept notes to the current review cycle are listed in the “Proposals Under Review”, available here.

Proposal Not Approved

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
Viet NamInnovative Financial Incentives for Adaptation in Wetland Livelihoods (IFIA)International Fund Agricultural Dev08/08/20225,000,000Innovation Large Project
RegionalIncreasing the Resilience of the Education System to Climate Change Impacts in the Eastern Caribbean (Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Lucia)UN-Habitat08/08/202213,996,500Regular Size Project
Tanzania, United Republic ofRestoration of Lake Babati for Enhanced Climate Change Adaptation in Babati DistrictNational Environment Management Council 01/10/20224,002,686Regular Size Project
Tanzania, United Republic ofKaratu Climate Resilience and Adaptation Project for Hadzabe and Datoga Communities- KARAHADANational Environment Management Council 01/10/20222,500,001Regular Size Project

Endorsed Concept

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
BhutanInnovative Adaptation Financing to Build the Resilience and Adaptive Capacity of Smallholder Farmers in Bhutan (InAF-Bhutan)UN World Food Programme08/08/20224,978,034Innovation Large Project
TuvaluStrengthening Adaptation Against Climate Variability through Increasing Clean Water Supply and Sanitation at Motufoua Secondary SchoolMinistry of Finance, Tuvalu (MOF)08/08/20222,000,000Regular Size Project
FijiStrengthening the Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Communities of Fiji to Climate Change through Nature-Based SeawallsThe Pacific Community (SPC)08/08/20225,764,000Regular Size Project
GuineaClimate Change Adaptation of Vulnerable Communities in the Sahel Border Zone of the Republic of GuineaUN World Food Programme08/08/202210,000,000Regular Size Project
GeorgiaDairy Modernization and Market Access: Adaptive and Climate-Resilient Pasture Management (DiMMAdapt+)International Fund Agricultural Dev08/08/20229,846,766Regular Size Project
IndonesiaBuilding Climate Resilient District in Indonesia: Case of Sigi DistrictPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia08/08/2022998,868Regular Size Project
IndonesiaEcosystem-Based Adaptation to Support Climate Resilience in Coastal and Small Islands of Rote Ndao and Sabu Raijua Districts in the Savu SeaPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia08/08/2022999,714Small Size Project
RegionalTowards a Climate Risks Shield in the Mono River Basin (Benin, Togo): Strengthening Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change through Integrated Water Resources and Flood Management (Project: BOUCLIER-CLIMAT/Mono)Sahara and Sahel Observatory05/02/202214,000,000Regular Size Project
NigerClimate-Resilient Agriculture Chains in Niger (CRAC-Niger)Banque Agricole du Niger (BAGRI)08/08/202210,000,000Regular Size Project
BeninProject to Strengthen Food Security and Community Resilience to Climate Change in the Communes of Boukombe and BopaNational Environment Fund Benin01/10/20223,053,742Regular Size Project
BeninBuilding Resilience to Climate Change of the Neighbouring Populations of the Classified Forests of Bassila and Penessoulou in the Central Region of BeninNational Environment Fund Benin01/10/20222,934,545Regular Size Project
EgyptBuilding Resilience in the Old Lands by Combining Innovations in Irrigation, Agriculture, and Livelihood ActivitiesFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations01/10/20224,873,400Innovation Large Project
PeruFund for Innovative Adaptation in Peru (Anchash, Cajamarca La Libertad and San Martin)Peruvian Trust Fund for National Parks and Protected Areas08/08/20225,000,000Enhanced Direct Access
PhilippinesHarnessing the Water-energy-food Nexus to Address and Adapt to Climate Change Impacts in Tawi-TawiUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization01/10/20225,463,643Regular Size Project
NicaraguaClimate Resilience and Livelihoods in the Nicaraguan Dry Corridor (CRLNDC)Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations01/10/202210,000,000Regular Size Project
Cape VerdeIncreasing the Resilience of Local Communities to Climate Change through Improved Watershed Management and Land RestorationFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations01/10/20229,998,228Regular Size Project
RegionalUnlocking Investments in Gender and Youth-Inclusive Early-Growth Stage Adaptation Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Kenya and UgandaUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization08/08/20224,800,000Innovation Large Project
RegionalIntegrated water resources management and early warning system for climate change resilience in the Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)World Meteorological Organization05/02/202210,620,000Regular Size Project

Non-endorsed Concept

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
MexicoHa Ta Tukari, “Water our Life”: Towards Universal Drinking Water Coverage for 23 Communities of the Wixarika NationMexican Institute of Water Technology08/08/20222,582,000Regular Size Project
MexicoRestoration of Lake Texcoco through Resilient ActionsMexican Institute of Water Technology08/08/20226,434,050Regular Size Project
MexicoAdaptation to climate change through integrated water management and sustainable practices in vulnerable indigenous communities in Oaxaca and San Luis Potosí, in MexicoMexican Institute of Water Technology08/08/20221,059,941Regular Size Project
MaldivesOpportunities for Conservation and Ecosystem-based Adaptation through Nature-based SolutionsUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization08/08/202210,000,314Regular Size Project
ChileRainfed Farming Communities in Central Chile Develop Resilient Processes to Climate Change with the Implementation of Innovative Technological Strategies Adapted to Improve Food SafetyAgencia de Cooperación Internacional de Chile08/08/20225,000,000Innovation Large Project
IndonesiaVillage Based Coastal Adaptation and Resilience in Lombok Province of West Nusa TenggaraPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia01/09/2023977,939Small Size Project
Tanzania, United Republic ofBuilding Rural-urban Climate Change Adaptation Nexus for Sustained Local Economies Development in TanzaniaNational Environment Management Council 01/10/20224,951,246Enhanced Direct Access
ArgentinaStrengthening Community Resilience of Rural Populations in the Drylands of Northwestern Argentina Facing Climate Change, Improving Access to Water and the Implementation of Sustainable Land Management PracticesDevelopment Bank of Latin America01/10/202210,000,000Regular Size Project
HondurasLet’s Save the MerendonComisión Acción Social Menonita (CASM) of Honduras01/10/20224,000,000Regular Size Project
Côte d'IvoireStrengthen the Resilience of Smallholder Farmers to the Effects of Climate Change through the Adoption of Proven Innovative Technologies and PracticesThe Interprofessional Fund for Agricultural Research01/10/20224,000,000Regular Size Project
RegionalStrengthening the Resilience of Climate-Vulnerable Communities in the Senegal River Basin Using a Multi-Hazard Early Warning System and Building Adaptive Capacity (Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal)Sahara and Sahel Observatory08/08/202214,000,000Regular Size Project

Pre-concept Endorsed

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
RegionalTowards a Climate Risks Shield in the Mono River Basin: Strengthening Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change through Integrated Water Resources and Flood Management (Project: BOUCLIER-CLIMAT/Mono) (Benin, Togo)Sahara and Sahel Observatory08/09/202114,000,000Regular Size Project

Pre-Concept Not Endorsed

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
RegionalIntegrating Flood and Drought Management and Early Warning for Climate Change Resilience in the Pacific Islands (Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu)World Meteorological Organization08/08/202214,049,881Regular Size Project
RegionalEnhancing Climate Resilience of Mekong River Communities through Strengthening Climate Services (ECR-MEKONG) (Cambodia, Lao (People's Democratic Republic), Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam)World Meteorological Organization08/09/202113,662,862Regular Size Project