Active Pipeline Projects

This list includes projects and programmes that have been received during the preceding 12 months but that have not yet been approved by the Adaptation Fund Board as full proposals. The purpose of the list is to provide concrete examples of project proposals and concepts that are currently under consideration in order to facilitate proposal and concept planning for the implementing entities.

Proposal Not Approved

CountryTitleMultilateral Implementing EntityNational Implementing EntityRegional Implementing EntitySubmission date
RegionalKazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - Reducing vulnerabilities of populations in the Central Asia region from glacier lake outburst floods in a changing climateUNESCO08/05/2019
TurkmenistanScaling Climate Resilience for Farmers in TurkmenistanUNDP08/05/2019
Iran, Islamic Republic ofReducing vulnerability to climate change in the Lake Bakhtegan BasinUNDP08/05/2019
RegionalArmenia and Georgia - Increased climate resilience of South Caucasus mountain communities and ecosystems through wildfire risk reductionUNDP08/05/2019
PakistanEnhance community, local and national-level urban climate change resilience to water scarcity, caused by floods and droughts in Rawalpindi and Nowshera, PakistanUN HABITAT08/05/2019
RegionalThailand and Vietnam - Mekong EbA South: Enhancing Climate Resilience in the Greater Mekong Sub-region through Ecosystem based Adaptation in the Context of South-South CooperationUN Environment08/05/2019
TunisiaEconomic, social and solidarity insertion for resilience in the Governorate of Kairouan - IESS-AdaptIFAD08/05/2019
RegionalDjibouti, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda - Strengthening Drought Resilience for Small Holder Farmers and Pastoralists in the IGAD RegionOSS04/15/2019
Iran, Islamic Republic ofReducing vulnerability to climate change in the Lake Bakhtegan BasinUNDP04/15/2019
IndonesiaBuilding Coastal City Resilience to Climate Change Impacts and Natural Disasters in Pekalongan City, Central Java ProvinceKemitraan04/15/2019
Sierra LeonePromoting climate resilience in the cocoa and rice sectors as adaptation strategy in Sierra LeoneIFAD01/07/2019
LesothoImproving adaptive capacity of vulnerable and food-insecure populations in LesothoWFP01/07/2019
Lao People's Democratic RepublicBuilding climate and disaster resilience capacities of vulnerable small towns in Lao PDRUN Habitat01/07/2019
CambodiaClimate change adaptation through protective small-scale infrastructure interventions in coastal settlements of CambodiaUN Habitat01/07/2019
TajikistanAn integrated landscape approach to enhancing the climate resilience of small-scale farmers and pastoralists in TajikistanUNDP01/07/2019
RegionalMekong EbA South: Enhancing Climate Resilience in the Greater Mekong Sub-region through Ecosystem-based Adaptation in the Context of South-South Cooperation (Thailand, Vietnam)UN Environment01/07/2019
IndonesiaCommunity Adaptation for Forest-Food Based Management in Saddang Watershed EcosystemKemitraan01/07/2019
GeorgiaDairy Modernization and Market Access: Adaptation Component (DiMMAdapt)IFAD01/07/2019
Saint LuciaBuilding resilience for adaptation to climate change and climate variability in agriculture in Saint LuciaCaribbean Development Bank01/07/2019
UgandaStrengthening climate change adaptation of small towns and peri-urban communities within medium river catchments in UgandaAfrican Development Bank01/07/2019

Endorsed Concept

CountryTitleMultilateral Implementing EntityNational Implementing EntityRegional Implementing EntitySubmission date
IndonesiaEmbracing the Sun: Refining Public Space as a Solution for the Effects of Global Climate Change in Indonesia's Urban AreasKemitraan08/05/2019
Tanzania, United Republic ofEnhancing Climate Change Resilience of Coastal Communities of ZanzibarNEMC08/05/2019
GambiaRural Integrated Climate Adaptation and Resilience Building Project (RICAR)WFP08/05/2019
RegionalCambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam - Groundwater resources in Greater Mekong Sub-region: Collaborative management to increase resilienceUNESCO08/05/2019
Viet NamEnhancing the resilience inclusive and sustainable eco-human settlement development through small scale infrastructure interventions in the coastal regions of the Mekong Delta in Viet NamUN HABITAT08/05/2019
BelizeEnhancing the Resilience of Belize’s Coastal Communities to Climate Change ImpactsPACT08/05/2019
IndonesiaAdapting to Climate Change through Sustainable Integrated Watershed Governance in Indigenous People of Ammatoa Kajang Customary Area in Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi Province, IndonesiaKemitraan08/05/2019
IndonesiaEnhancing the Adaptation Capability of Coastal Community in Facing the Impacts of Climate Change in Negeri (Village) Asilulu, Ureng and Lima of Leihitu District Maluku Tengah Regency Maluku ProvinceKemitraan08/05/2019
NamibiaNutritional Security in Namibia’s Rural Food Production Systems in the Face of a Changing ClimateDRFN08/05/2019
CongoBuilding adaptive capacity to climate change in vulnerable communities living in the Congo River BasinWFP01/07/2019
RegionalIncreasing the resilience of both displaced persons and host communities to climate change-related water challenges in Jordan and Lebanon (Jordan, Lebanon)UN Habitat01/07/2019
ZimbabweStrengthening local communities' adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change through sustainable groundwater exploitation in ZimbabweUNESCO01/07/2019
AfghanistanClimate change resilient livelihoods advanced in rural AfghanistanUNDP01/07/2019
Tanzania, United Republic ofStrategic Water Harvesting Technologies for Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change in Rural Communities in Semi Arid Areas of Tanzania (SWAHAT)National Environment Management Council (NEMC)01/07/2019
Tanzania, United Republic ofEnhancing Climate Change Adaptation for Agro-Pastoral Communities in Kongwa DistrictNational Environment Management Council (NEMC)01/07/2019
Tanzania, United Republic ofBunda Climate Resilient and Adaptation ProjectNational Environment Management Council (NEMC)01/07/2019
Moldova, Republic ofTalent Retention for Rural Transformation - Adapt (TART- Adapt)IFAD01/07/2019
MalawiEnhancing Adaptive Capacity and Livelihood Diversification for the Rural Poor of Northern MalawiAfrican Development Bank01/07/2019

Non-endorsed Concept

CountryTitleMultilateral Implementing EntityNational Implementing EntityRegional Implementing EntitySubmission date
IndonesiaReducing vulnerability and increasing the adaptation capacity of community through the improvement of irrigation management system and sustainable agricultural practices in responding to climate change impacts in lowland and estuary area in sub-district of Muara Sugihan and Air Sugihan, South SumateraKemitraan08/05/2019
IndonesiaSustainable Livelihood and Ecoenterprise in Karst Ecosystem for Adapting to Climate ChangeKemitraan08/05/2019
KyrgyzstanResilient Pastoral Livelihoods Project-ADAPTIFAD08/05/2019
RegionalEl Salvador and Honduras - Improve livelihood resilience through community-based climate change adaptation in the transboundary watershed of Goascorán in El Salvador and HondurasWFP04/15/2019

Pre-concept Endorsed

CountryTitleMultilateral Implementing EntityNational Implementing EntityRegional Implementing EntitySubmission date
RegionalAntigua & Barbuda, Dominica and Saint Lucia - Increasing resilience of the education system to climate change impacts in the Eastern Caribbean regionUN HABITAT08/05/2019
RegionalAzerbaijan and Iran - Urbanisation and Climate Change Adaptation in the Caspian Sea RegionUN HABITAT08/05/2019
RegionalBenin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo - Scaling-up climate-resilient rice production in West AfricaOSS08/05/2019
RegionalAngola and Namibia - Resilience building as climate change adaptation in drought-struck south-western African communitiesOSS08/05/2019
RegionalIncreasing climate resilience through restoration of degraded landscapes in the Atlantic region of Central America (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras)UN Environment01/07/2019