Active Pipeline Projects

This list includes projects and programmes that have been received during the preceding 12 months but that have not yet been approved by the Adaptation Fund Board as full proposals. The purpose of the list is to provide concrete examples of project proposals and concepts that are currently under consideration in order to facilitate proposal and concept planning for the implementing entities.

Resubmissions of fully developed proposals, concepts, and pre-concept notes to the current review cycle are listed in the “Proposals Under Review”, available here.

Active Pipeline Projects summary (US$)

Project statusAmountTotal amount
Active pipeline projects total 368,322,327
 Proposal Not Approved11,249,000 
 Endorsed Concept97,938,534 
 Non-endorsed Concept17,551,814 
 Pre-concept endorsed27,779,500 
 Pre-concept not endorsed0 
 Proposal submitted120,026,889 
 Concept submitted66,980,198 
 Pre-concept submitted26,296,397 
 Small grants for innovation submitted499,995 

Proposal Not ApprovedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
BangladeshAccess to Safe Drinking Water for the Climate Vulnerable People in Coastal Areas of BangladeshPalli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) of Bangladesh01/05/20235,000,000Innovation Large Project
UgandaEnhancing Resilience of Communities and Fragile Ecosystems to Climate Change in Katonga CatchmentMinistry of Water and Environment of Uganda01/09/20232,249,000Regular Size Project
BelizeEnhancing the Resilience of Belize’s Coastal Communities to Climate Change ImpactsProtected Areas Conservation Trust01/09/20234,000,000Regular Size Project

Endorsed ConceptTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
UruguayIncreasing socio-ecological resilience in the Uruguayan coastal zone and strengthening the adaptive capacity of its infrastructure: REACC COSTASDevelopment Bank of Latin America07/12/202310,000,000Regular Size Project
HondurasConstructing Resilience Together to Face Climate Change and Variability in Western HondurasComisión Acción Social Menonita (CASM) of Honduras06/07/20234,000,000Regular Size Project
PakistanSustainable Actions For Ecosystems Restoration in Pakistan (SAFER Pakistan)International Center for Integrated Mountain Development 04/03/20239,995,275Regular Size Project
BangladeshGreen, Resilient and Adaptive Chattogram Economy (GRACE) -LoCALplusInternational Center for Integrated Mountain Development 05/16/20239,999,929Regular Size Project
IndonesiaIncreasing the resilience of smallholders from climate impacts through Smart Agriculture based on Livelihood Diversification in IndonesiaPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia01/09/2023977,939Small Size Project
BelizeSecuring Water Resources through Solar Energy and Innovative Adaptive Management (SEAM)Protected Areas Conservation Trust01/20/20234,970,000Innovation Large Project
RegionalBuilding Inclusive Resilience to Climate Change for Semi Nomadic Agro Pastoral Communities in the Transboundary Kunene River BasinInternational Fund Agricultural Dev08/10/202314,000,000Regular Size Project
GrenadaIncreasing Climate Resilience and Adaptive Capacity Among Farming and Fishing Communities in GrenadaInternational Fund Agricultural Dev01/09/202310,000,000Regular Size Project
FijiEnhancing Climate Adaptation through Scaling up Fiji’s Coastal Inundation Forecasting Early Warning SystemWorld Meteorological Organization01/09/20235,560,000Regular Size Project
MauritaniaEnhancing the Resilience of Communities of Agropastoral and Oases ecosystems of Ziyara and Dhaya to the Adverse Effects of Climate Change in the Adrar Region in MauritaniaSahara and Sahel Observatory01/09/202310,000,000Regular Size Project
ChadChad Oasis Project: Reversing the Degradation Trend in the Oases of Borkou, Ennedi West and Wadi Fira through Strengthening Adaptation Measures and Improving Resilience to Climate Change of Vulnerable CommunitiesSahara and Sahel Observatory01/09/202310,000,000Regular Size Project
IndonesiaStrengthening Community Adaptation toward Climate Change through ProKlim in Ecoregion Neck of Sulawesi IslandPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia01/09/2023999,226Small Size Project
IndonesiaVillage Based Coastal Adaptation and Resilience in Lombok Province of West Nusa TenggaraPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia01/09/2023977,939Small Size Project
IndonesiaSustainable Landscape Governance; Towards Climate Resilience of Community in Tempe Lake EcosystemPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia01/09/2023993,081Small Size Project
PeruBuilding a Program for Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change of Andean Local Communities and Ecosystems in PeruPeruvian Trust Fund for National Parks and Protected Areas01/09/20235,465,145Regular Size Project

Non-endorsed ConceptTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
IndiaFund for Ecosystem-based Adaptation through Agro-ecological Initiatives in IndiaNational Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development12/26/20225,000,000Enhanced Direct Access
IndiaClimate Smart Agricultural Water Management in Man and Khatav Taluka of Satara, Maharashtra, IndiaNational Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development12/26/20222,555,197Innovation Large Project
EgyptEgypt Oasis Project: Climate Change Adaptation to Improve livelihoods in Siwa Oasis (CCAILSO)Sahara and Sahel Observatory01/09/20238,000,000Regular Size Project
IndonesiaChange Climate and Adaptation in the Buffer Area of the New National CapitalPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia01/09/2023999,984Small Size Project
IndonesiaAdaptation to Climate Change through Integrated Forest Management and Sericulture Business to Achieve Ecosystem Resilience to Food Security for the Lake Tempe Catchment Area CommunityPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia01/09/2023996,633Small Size Project

Pre-concept EndorsedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category
RegionalStrengthening Climate Resilience and Food Security through South-South Cooperation in Adaptive Rice Production in Malaysia and the PhilippinesUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization08/01/202313,779,500Regular Size Project
RegionalBuilding Resilience of Urban Communities in Central America by Leveraging Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for AdaptationUN Environment Programme01/09/202314,000,000Regular Size Project

Pre-Concept Not EndorsedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntitySubmission dateAmount requestedGrant Category

Proposal submittedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatusGrant Category
ArmeniaEnhancing the Land-based Adaptation of Communities Adjacent to Arid Zones and Forest Protected areas of Armenia by Duplicating and Expanding the Successful Mechanisms of the Previous ProjectsEnvironmental Project Implementation Unit3,780,51308/21/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
RegionalAdaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator IIUN Environment Programme10,000,00008/19/2023Grant submitted - Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (AFCIA)Proposal SubmittedMIE aggregator project for innovation
HondurasDirect Access Program for Financing Climate Change Adaptation Projects to Increase the Adaptive Capacity and Climate Resilience of Indigenous and Afro-descendant Communities in the Marine Coastal Region of the Municipalities of Juan Francisco Bulnes and Brus Laguna in HondurasComisión Acción Social Menonita (CASM) of Honduras4,000,00008/09/2023EDA: Proposal SubmittedProposal SubmittedEnhanced Direct Access
RwandaEnhancing adaptation through sustainable green settlements and climate-resilient livelihoods in the Volcano Region of RwandaMinistry of Environment, Rwanda10,622,56005/04/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
CambodiaIncreasing Climate Resilience Through Small-Scale Infrastructure Investments and Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of Vulnerable Communities in Kampot and Koh Kong Provinces in CambodiaUN-Habitat10,000,00008/18/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
BhutanInnovative Adaptation Financing to Build the Resilience and Adaptive Capacity of Smallholder Farmers in Bhutan (InAF-Bhutan)UN World Food Programme4,978,03409/29/2023Proposal SubmittedInnovation Large Project
FijiStrengthening the Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Communities of Fiji to Climate Change through Nature-Based SeawallsThe Pacific Community5,764,00008/20/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
GeorgiaDairy Modernization and Market Access: Adaptive and Climate-Resilient Pasture Management (DiMMAdapt+)International Fund Agricultural Dev9,846,76608/18/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
BeninBuilding Resilience to Climate Change of the Neighbouring Populations of the Classified Forests of Bassila and Penessoulou in the Central Region of BeninNational Environment Fund Benin2,934,54512/04/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
PeruFund for Innovative Adaptation in Peru (Anchash, Cajamarca La Libertad and San Martin)Peruvian Trust Fund for National Parks and Protected Areas5,000,00009/23/2023Proposal SubmittedEnhanced Direct Access
ZambiaClimate Change Adaptation of Livelihoods through Rural Finance (CALRF)International Fund Agricultural Dev10,000,00008/18/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
PhilippinesHarnessing the Water-energy-food Nexus to Address and Adapt to Climate Change Impacts in Tawi-TawiUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization7,432,19607/18/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
NicaraguaClimate Resilience and Livelihoods in the Nicaraguan Dry Corridor (CRLNDC)UN World Food Programme9,986,60007/25/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
ZimbabweEnhancing Resilience of Communities and Ecosystems in the Face of a Changing Climate in Arid and Semi-arid Areas of ZimbabweEnvironmental Management Agency of Zimbabwe4,989,00009/20/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
PanamaStrengthening Climate Resilience in Livelihoods and Coastal Ecosystems of the Central Pacific of PanamaFundacion Natura10,000,00008/18/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project
RegionalIntegrated water resources management and early warning system for climate change resilience in the Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Niger, Nigeria)World Meteorological Organization10,692,67508/21/2023Proposal SubmittedRegular Size Project

Concept submittedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatusGrant Category
UzbekistanResilient Food Systems through Climate Services for Agriculture in UzbekistanInternational Fund Agricultural Dev10,000,00009/18/2023Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
Bosnia and HerzegovinaIncreasing Climate Change Resilience in the Agricultural sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina - StazaInternational Fund Agricultural Dev10,000,00008/18/2023Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
Côte d'IvoireProject to Strengthen the Resilience of Local Communities in the Bafing Region made Vulnerable due to Farmer-Breeder Conflict Exacerbated by the Effects of Climate ChangeThe Interprofessional Fund for Agricultural Research5,000,00008/17/2023Concept SubmittedEDA: Concept SubmittedEnhanced Direct Access
ArmeniaEnhanced Direct Access Project for ArmeniaEnvironmental Project Implementation Unit4,960,00008/11/2023Concept SubmittedEDA: Concept SubmittedEnhanced Direct Access
TunisiaStrengthening Adaptive Capacity and Livelihood Security in the Most Vulnerable Oases of the Governate of TozeurUN World Food Programme9,999,46908/04/2023Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
BurundiEnhancing Resilience to Flood and Drought through a Unique Combination of Innovative Climate Adaptation Tools, Technologies, and Practices in BurundiUN Environment Programme5,000,00001/20/2023Concept SubmittedInnovation Large Project
RegionalHydrological Status and Outlook System for Integrated Water Resources Management and Climate Resilience in Bangladesh and Nepal (HydroSOS-BaNe)World Meteorological Organization12,090,00008/17/2023Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
MexicoHa Ta Tukari, “Water our Life”: Towards Universal Drinking Water Coverage for 23 Communities of the Wixarika NationMexican Institute of Water Technology8,000,00008/19/2023Concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
IndonesiaCollaboration for the Conservation of Cimandiri Watershed Landscapes through the Potential of Silvopasture and Community AgroforestryPartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia960,22511/08/2023Concept SubmittedSmall Size Project
IndonesiaStrengthening the Adaptive Capacity of Coastal Village Communities in Supporting Food Security as a Response to Climate Change through Stakeholder Elaboration Actions in West Sulawesi ProvincePartnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) of Indonesia970,50411/09/2023Concept SubmittedSmall Size Project

Pre-concept submittedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatusGrant Category
RegionalClimate Resilient Agriculture Programme: Strengthening Adaptation and Productivity for Sustainable GrowthCaribbean Development Bank (CDB)13,999,52010/02/2023Pre-concept SubmittedRegular Size Project
RegionalEnhancing Climate Resilience of Mekong River Communities through Strengthening Climate Services (ECR-MEKONG) (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam)World Meteorological Organization12,296,87708/15/2023Pre-concept SubmittedRegular Size Project

Small grants for innovation submittedTotal amount (US$): 

CountryTitleImplementing EntityRequested AmountSubmitted DateStatus
PanamaImproved livelihoods through Access to Water, Health and Food Security through Innovation and Technology Transfer to the Population of the Province of Darien of the Republic of PanamaFundacion Natura249,99508/10/2023Grant submitted - NIE Small Grants for InnovationProposal Submitted
ChileSustainable Corridors. Adapting Electricity Transmission Infrastructure to the Climate Crisis through Nature-Based Solutions in the Antofagasta RegionAgencia de Cooperación Internacional de Chile250,00001/20/2023Grant submitted - NIE Small Grants for InnovationProposal Submitted