Readiness Grant Proposals Currently Under Review

Readiness grant applications are posted online for public review and comment before the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat has completed the screening and technical review process.

The window for Readiness Grant proposals is now open and it will be open from 20 July to 20 September. Public comments on proposals to be received are welcome and should be sent to with copy to and no later than October 1, 2021 (in order to allow the Secretariat to relay them to the Implementing Entities in a timely manner). Please check this page for revised submissions. When submitting comments, please include your full name and any relevant professional affiliation.

Technical reviews of the project proposals from past meetings can be located in the documents page of the corresponding Board meeting.


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Fully-developed Proposals

Country Title Implementing Entity Requested Amount Submitted Date Status Grant Category
Tajikistan Readiness Package Grant Proposal for Accreditation Support Environment Protection Implementation Unit, Armenia 124,775 04/05/2024 Readiness grant under review Readiness