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207, 2024

Finance flowing for locally led climate adaptation

2 July 2024|Project Stories|

2806, 2024

[PROJECT STORY]: Adaptation Fund in Malawi

28 June 2024|Project Stories|

2806, 2024

[PROJECT STORY]: Adaptation Fund in Brazil

28 June 2024|Project Stories|

3004, 2024

[Podcast] Interview with Lucas Di Pietro, New Adaptation Fund Board Chair

30 April 2024|News Multimedia|

2904, 2024

[UNDP]: Flood warnings via SMS and chalkboards in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

29 April 2024|In The News|

2304, 2024

Adaptation Fund Board Enhances Funding Options for Vulnerable Countries: Over US$ 80 Million in New Projects Approved, New Windows for Locally Led Adaptation Created

23 April 2024|Press Releases|

204, 2024

Reducing Vulnerability of Artisanal Fishing Families in Peru

2 April 2024|News Multimedia|

104, 2024

Adaptation Fund’s New E-Course Aims at Strengthening Capacities to Develop Gender Mainstreaming across Project Lifecycles

1 April 2024|Press Releases|

1403, 2024

Indigenous peoples give fresh impetus to fight against climate crisis

14 March 2024|Project Stories|

1203, 2024

Adaptation Fund Embarks on New Activities in 2024

12 March 2024|Press Releases|

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