Technical Assistance (TA) Grants


The Adaptation Fund’s Readiness Programme for Climate Finance aims to help strengthen the capacity of national and regional implementing entities to receive and manage climate financing, particularly through the direct access modality, and to adapt and build resilience to counter changing climate conditions in sectors ranging from agriculture and food security to coastal zones and urban areas. The programme also aims to advance direct access in developing countries and promotes the accreditation of National Implementing Entities (NIEs) from developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

As part of the Readiness Programme, the Adaptation Fund Board has decided to make Technical Assistance (TA) grants available to accredited NIEs. These grants are aimed at strengthening the capacity of NIEs in the areas of environmental, social and gender risk management as they design, develop and implement concrete adaptation projects and programmes. The Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy (ESP), with its 15 principles, and the Gender Policy, serve as frameworks for mitigating these types of environmental and social as well as gender related issues that may need to be considered. The grants are meant to help NIEs tap into external (international or national) expertise in the form of short-term consultant assignments.


All accredited NIEs of the Fund that have not previously received the specific technical assistance grant that they are requesting for are eligible to apply.

Apply for TA Grants

The calls for 2017 grants have been closed. Please check back on this page later to learn more about the 2018 grants.

TA Grant for Gender Policy

The TA grant for Gender Policy is available to NIEs that have previously received TA grants.

This grant, which is up to a maximum of US$ 10,000 per NIE, is available to NIEs that have previously received a Technical Assistance grant to implement the Environmental and Social policy of the Fund. At the time they received the grant, the Fund’s Gender Policy had not yet been approved by the Board and so they have the option to use the TA Grant for Gender to source external expertise to strengthen their capacity to comply with the Fund’s Gender Policy and to facilitate gender mainstreaming.

TA Grant for ESP and Gender Policy

The TA grant for ESP and Gender is available to all NIEs who have not yet received any grant for technical assistance from the Fund.

Accredited NIEs can apply for up to a maximum of US$ 25,000 per NIE to build internal capacity for managing environmental and social as well as gender related risks within adaptation projects and programmes. NIEs can use the available grant to source external expertise to help strengthen their capacity to identify, mitigate and manage project and programme risks associated with environmental and social issues as well as gender issues in an integrated manner and in accordance with the Fund’s Environmental and Social Policy and the Fund’s Gender Policy.

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