Water is a transcendental aspect within the thematic priorities and cross-cutting themes of the development agenda of the Dominican Republic, due to its effects on public health and rural livelihoods. Integrated water resources management (IWRM), which considers climate change, especially in river basins, sub-basins and other sources of water supply for rural communities, is a requirement for any intervention related to water with which you want to address the impacts of climate change and the vulnerability of communities.

The main objective of the program is to increase the resilience and capacity to adapt to climate impacts and risks on the water resources of rural communities in the Province of San Cristóbal and contribute to the diversification of their livelihoods. This objective will be achieved through improving the access to water supply and sanitation services, re-afforestation activities aligned with a correct land use, and increasing institutional and community capacity and coordination for integrated management that supports other uses of water, especially for the diversification of the livelihoods of communities.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Improving water security and food security
  2. Promote the built environment and climate-proof infrastructure
  3. Promoting Healthy and Resilient Communities
  4. Increasing the resilience of ecosystems, biodiversity and forests
  5. Enabling competitiveness through environmental sustainability and climate resilience

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Project Component 1: Community-level implementation of climate resilient water resource management activities USD 8,200,000
Project Component 2: Capacity building and capacity development in key institutions and communities to manage long-term climate change-related risks USD 178,000
Total Project Cost USD 9,173,910
Implementing Entity Project Cycle Management Fee USD 779,782.35
Grant Amount USD 9,953,693


Project Documents

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