Adaptation Fund Board secretariat Manager Marcia Levaggi Leaving After 7+ Years

Washington, D.C. (October 2, 2016) – Marcia Levaggi, Manager of the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat, will be stepping down on October 21 to become Director General of Environmental Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.

Levaggi joined the Fund secretariat as its first Manager in early 2009. Under her tenure, the Fund became fully operational: the Board approved the policies and procedures needed to start awarding grants, including the environmental and social policy, risk management framework and gender policy, among others. In addition, 42 implementing entities were accredited, including 24 national implementing entities (NIEs), with 42% in least developed countries and small island developing states. A total of 54 concrete adaptation projects were approved, with 33% through direct access. A readiness programme was set up to support the Fund’s pioneering direct access modality.

The Adaptation Fund is a collective achievement,” Levaggi said. “The Board, secretariat and civil society have worked together very consistently since the beginning, pursuing the best interest of the Fund. As a result of this good partnership, the Fund is very nimble and swift in channeling funds to the most vulnerable communities, which are at the center of the Fund’s strategic priorities. This is important because of the high urgency of climate change adaptation. Finally, the direct access modality is one of the major achievements of the Fund in terms of being country-driven and building capacity in national institutions to manage climate finance.”

The recruitment process for a new manager of the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat is currently underway.


Since 2010, the Adaptation Fund has committed US $354.89 million to support 54 concrete, localized climate adaptation and resilience projects in 48 countries, with more than 3.6 million direct beneficiaries.

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