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Per Board Decision B.40/59, submissions for all funding windows are now accepted on a rolling basis. Once proposals are technically recommended, they will be automatically included in an upcoming Board meeting agenda. More info here on applying for country/regional project, innovation, learning, enhanced direct access and readiness/scale-up grants.

Projects Map

Explore an interactive map of the many climate adaptation projects that the Adaptation Fund has financed.

Documents & Publications

Review and research Adaptation Fund meeting documents, project documents, publications and legal documents.

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Adaptation Fund: a pioneer in climate
adaptation financing

With over US$ 1.1 billion allocated, the Adaptation Fund gives developing countries full ownership of adaptation projects, from planning through implementation, while ensuring monitoring and transparency at every step.

About the Adaptation Fund

The Adaptation Fund was established under the Kyoto Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Financial Status

Trend analyses, periodic reports, single audit reports from the interim Trustee.

Climate Finance Readiness

Strengthening the capacity of national and regional entities to receive and manage climate financing.

Adaptation Fund Impact

billion allocated to climate adaptation activities
ha natural habitats preserved/restored
concrete, localized adaptation projects
million beneficiaries in developing countries

What is Direct Access?

Through direct access, national and regional entities are able to directly access financing and manage all aspects of climate adaptation and resilience projects.