Adaptation Fund Embarks on New Activities in 2024

As the Adaptation Fund (AF) gets ready to further enhance its adaptation programs for the most vulnerable in 2024, it is an opportune moment to take stock of AF’s work in 2023 — another busy and positive year for the Fund.

The AF continues to grow, so far reaching 165 approved concrete projects on the ground in 2023, with over US$ 1.1 billion committed to improving the climate resilience of 43 million total beneficiaries in 112 countries. It is restoring over 635,000 ha of natural habitat and 164,000 meters of coastlines while creating 526 early warning systems at local, country and regional levels.

Nearly half of AF’s projects are in least developed countries or small island developing states, and many projects represent the first adaptation actions in countries — creating scalable models that can multiply their impacts in more areas. AF also continues to build country capacities and ownership through its pioneering Direct Access (DA) and Enhanced DA modalities.

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