The residents of the Rioni Basin have been challenged by severe floods and landslides for decades. Climate change over the past 20 years has caused more frequent and severe hazards. Adding to the stress, inappropriate land use, Soviet-era agricultural practices, illegal deforestation and poorly maintained infrastructure like dams and flood defenses have exacerbated the situation.

To improve climate adaptation measures in this part of western Georgia, the Adaptation Fund together with the UNDP and the Government of Georgia are implementing activities that cover 13,000 km2 of the Rioni basin. These activities address hazards like landslides, flash floods, mudflow in the steep and mountainous upstream areas, as well as flooding, and erosion of river beds in the floodplain downstream areas.

The Adaptation Fund finances concrete climate adaptation and resilience projects in developing countries. Since 2010, The Fund has committed $338.5 million to support 61 countries, including 22 Least Developed Countries and 13 Small Island Developing States. Read the complete Georgia adaptation story and learn more about the project by clicking the links below.

Adaptation Story: Georgia (pdf)

French Translation – Adaptation Story: Georgia (pdf)

Spanish Translation – Adaptation Story: Georgia (pdf)