Adaptation Fund in India

India is taking an innovative approach to combatting climate change by establishing six small-scale Adaptation Fund projects on the ground in diverse regions of the country across a variety of adaptation sectors.

Developed through the Fund’s national implementing entity in India, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), and implemented together with local organizations, projects are taking place from the northwestern Himalayas, to the central Madhya Pradesh region, to the eastern region, to Rajasthan in the west and the eastern and southern coasts. They are tackling sectors tailored to the local adaptation need, from climate-smart agriculture to food security, fisheries, forestry, managing coastal zones, and collecting and conserving water. 

Rather than pursuing just one or two larger projects with the overall funding allocated by the Fund, NABARD’s unique approach is breaking ground in adaptation by piloting diverse models and establishing the needed networks and experiences to share knowledge to make wider change across the large country.

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