Adaptation Fund Project Story- Regional Project in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

The Horn of Africa is highly vulnerable to the risks of climate variability, such as temperature rises, heavy rainfall and drought. Over the last few decades, the vulnerability has affected especially the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in this region with millions of people suffering from famine caused by drought which has worsened since 2015 due to El Nino.

The Adaptation Fund’s first regional project, implemented by the the World Meteorological Organization (WMO),  targeting three different countries (Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda) is linking regional activities to local adaptation action by taking a comprehensive approach.

Given the lack of access to reliable climate information and capacity to disseminate it in individual countries, the regional approach complements individual country projects by facilitating the sharing of data and expertise among countries. This collaborative endeavor improves value, efficiencies and cost effectiveness in providing technical assistance through partnerships at the national and regional levels, and it also enhances knowledge management and capacity building in each country and the region.

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