The former Manager of the Adaptation Fund Board secretariat, Marcia Levaggi wrote a guest article for the IISD / SDG Knowledge Hub on the Adaptation Fund’s role in the climate finance landscape in the face of the upcoming climate finance conference in Morocco and the Paris Agreement that will be ratified before the meeting.

“The AF occupies a clear space in the climate finance landscape: the provision of funding for small-scale replicable and scalable concrete adaptation projects to the most vulnerable communities in developing countries. This is done in a transparent, country-driven, human-rights based, and gender responsive manner, especially through the Fund’s pioneering direct access modality.”

“The Paris Agreement placed adaptation as a key component of the global response to climate change, alongside mitigation and finance. It also expressed the aim to achieve a balance of scaled-up mitigation and adaptation financial resources, and recognized the need for public and grant-based resources for adaptation. The AF is therefore an important instrument for advancing the Paris Agreement. The strategic work initiated by the AFB, the focus on complementarity and coherence among funds, and the upcoming tenth anniversary of the AF are milestones to build momentum in this direction.”

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