Building Climate Resilience podcast: Knowledge and Sharing in Adaptation

Podcast Series: Knowledge and Sharing in Adaptation
Hosted by Adaptation Fund Communications Staff

Episode 4: Knowledge and Sharing in Adaptation
Guests: Ms. Cristina Dengel, Knowledge Management Officer, Adaptation Fund, and Ms. Alyssa Gomes, Knowledge and Projects Analyst, Adaptation Fund
Host: Mr. Matt Pueschel, AF Communications Officer

Members of the Adaptation Fund (AF) discuss the importance of sharing lessons learned, experiences and successful models in adaptation to help further the impact of AF projects. As the urgency of climate change has increased, the importance for gathering and disseminating useful knowledge that can lead to scaling up or replicating successful projects has also risen. While knowledge management has always been a key component of AF-funded projects for more than a decade, it has evolved further in recent years since the development of the Fund’s medium term strategy in 2018. Ms. Dengel and Ms. Gomes discuss the Fund’s growing suite of knowledge products, including themed publications, e-learning modules, case studies, learning grants, and both virtual and on the ground knowledge events.