Washington DC, March 30, 2012 – The Adaptation Fund Board has set a $100 million target for its fundraising effort between now until the end of 2013. Although a modest amount compared to the scale of funding needed by communities across the globe to adapt to climate change, this decision sets a new precedent in the work of the Adaptation Fund and the history of climate finance.

This $100 million target is meant to guide the fundraising strategy and campaign to be adopted and implemented soon by the Adaptation Fund Board. A crucial element in developing the strategy will be the ability to bring together private and public funding sources in innovative ways to generate additional funding for adaptation.

In response to a request by the Adaptation Fund Board, and in order to provide preliminary ideas and concepts to kick-start the development of the fundraising strategy, the secretariat has prepared document AFB/EFC.8/.6 in consultation with the trustee of the Adaptation Fund. This document contains further details and background on the elements mentioned above.


Inputs requested

The secretariat of the Adaptation Fund Board is pleased to invite individuals, organizations and all entities involved and interested in climate finance, adaptation, innovative finance, development finance, corporate social responsibility and related topics, to provide inputs to support the development of innovative mechanisms to mobilize public and private funds for adaptation.

In particular, the secretariat is interested in ideas for:

  • Potential new mechanisms under discussion for the generation of new and additional financial flows for climate change, and for adaptation in particular;
  • The possibility and feasibility of introducing the following potential options:
    – Adaptation for Debt swaps
    – Risk Guarantees
    – Extreme weather and disaster risk management

The Adaptation Fund Board its secretariat welcomes additional ideas regarding other innovative mechanisms to mobilize funding for adaptation.


The deadline for submissions is 30 April 2012.


Inputs should be sent via email in a document in pdf or MS Word file format.

The document should be sent to: secretariat@adaptation-fund.org, and cc’d to rmjordan@thegef.org, with the following text in the subject line: “Call for public inputs – Response”.

The submission should clearly indicate: Name (of the individual or organization), contact details (phone and email, and name, surname and position of the focal point person in case of organizations).

The secretariat shall acknowledge receipt of the inputs sent to the address above.