Call for Interest to Host Readiness Package Workshop in April 2018

The Adaptation Fund Board secretariat has launched a call for expressions of interest from its accredited National Implementing Entities to host a readiness package workshop in April 2018.


At its twenty-ninth meeting the Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) decided to approve, as part of the work plan of the Readiness Programme for financial year 2018, a pilot readiness support package to support developing country accreditation to the Fund through Direct Access. The readiness support package would provide targeted and tailored support to address specific gap areas identified by entities seeking accreditation with the Fund as requiring further assistance and capacity support beyond the support already available through the Readiness Programme. The support would include the simultaneous delivery of a suite of tools such as grants, guidance documents and other accreditation support material, technical support through experts and partner organizations, and workshops to support the progression of entities that are not yet accredited with the Fund up to the point of submission of a complete application for review by the Accreditation Panel. The pilot phase of the readiness package would run for a period of 12 months.

About the Readiness Package Workshop

As part of the implementation plan for the readiness support package, the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat (the secretariat) is planning to convene a readiness package workshop from 4-5 April 2018. The purpose of the workshop is to build a common understanding of the challenges and gaps in attaining accreditation with the Fund as provided by entities seeking accreditation with the Fund, and to enhance the capacity of national implementing entities (NIEs) as being eligible to provide capacity building support to such entities through South-South cooperation grants, to be able to effectively provide peer support for accreditation. Workshop participants will therefore include representatives of entities not yet accredited and not yet under review by the Accreditation Panel, but actively in the process of obtaining accreditation, representatives of accredited NIEs listed on the Fund website as eligible to provide peer support through South-South cooperation grants, accreditation experts, and staff from the secretariat.

Expressions of Interest from Accredited NIEs Requested by February 15, 2018

The secretariat intends to hold the readiness package workshop in partnership with an accredited NIE of the Fund and would like to call for expressions of interest from accredited NIEs that would like to host the workshop. The secretariat would cover the full cost of the workshop within the available envelope of funding and will work closely with the NIE to plan and implement the workshop. The NIE would be expected to support secretariat staff to organize the workshop, e.g. providing guidance on choice of venue, including identifying a suitable hotel for accommodation, identifying shuttle services from the airport to the hotel (round trip), visas, workshop catering, participant registration at the start of the workshop, etc.

When reviewing the expressions of interest, the secretariat will consider the following factors:

  1. That the NIE currently has an “active accreditation” status with the Adaptation Fund.
  2. That the NIE is listed on the Adaptation Fund website as an eligible NIE that could provide peer support for accreditation through South-South Cooperation grants
  3. That the NIE has submitted an application and received Board approval for a South-South cooperation grant (either in the past or currently)

Please indicate your interest to host the readiness package workshop by completing the attached form and email it to the secretariat: and copy: and by close of business Thursday, 15 February 2018, EST.


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