CFAN celebrates first full approval of a project led by a CFAN Advisor

Last month, the Board of the Adaptation Fund approved a proposal entitled “Adaptation of Small-Scale Agriculture for improved food security of resilient communities in Papua New Guinea.”

CFAN Advisor to Papua New Guinea, Phonesavanh Latmany, noted that this success represents a truly collaborative approach – the type of collaboration the Climate Finance Access Network was designed to empower. “It was all parties [involved],” he said, “PNG stakeholders, Global Green Growth Institute, Pacific Community-SPC, UN Women, and consultants who got us here.”

The proposal is for US$ 10 million to improve food security through adaptation of small-scale agriculture in Papua New Guinea. Specifically, it aims to address barriers to improving resilience of smallholder farmers and enhance the sustainability of agricultural value chains through:

  • the adoption of climate-smart practices
  • contributing to improving the produces’ quality
  • increasing access to markets
  • creating green jobs for women and youth in vulnerable communities

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