Devex, October 28, 2021

The Adaptation Fund’s climate finance quest

Mattias Broman, chair of the Adaptation Fund, talks climate financing and the importance of letting adaptation be part of the conversation.

Copying articles to share with others is a breach of our terms and conditions and copywriter policy. Please use the sharing options. Devex Pro subscribers may share up to 10 articles per month using the Pro share tool. Climate financing for adaptation is becoming increasingly urgent, and countries need to ramp up contributions to help prevent future destruction, the chair of the United Nations-established Adaptation Fund told Devex.

“Adaptation needs to come in much quicker, and therefore financing is even more urgent than it was just a few years ago because of the speed of climate change,” said Mattias Broman, the chair of the fund’s board. “We know that [with] every dollar we are investing now, we’re saving a lot of money in the future because prevention is always better than trying to build something back that has already been destroyed.”

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