WASHINGTON, June 20, 2012 _ The Adaptation Fund Board held a dialogue on Monday, June 25 with a group of civil society organizations that are following the activities of the Adaptation Fund. The agenda included a discussion regarding the future of the fund, its relationship to the Green Climate Fund, and near-term suggestions for the next Board meeting, which runs from June 26-29.

Scheduled participants included non-governmental organizations located in a variety of countries with ties to the Adaptation Fund. They include Environmental Development Action in the Third World (Senegal); Fundacion Vida (Honduras); Panos Caribbean (Jamaica); Organisation des Femmes pour la gestion de l’Energie, de l’Environnement et la promotion de Développement Intégré (Benin); Indigo (South Africa); and GermanWatch.

The dialogue was available through a live webcast, which will be posted following the conclusion of the 18th meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board.

Adaptation Fund Board Dialogue with Civil Society

Date: Monday, June 25, 2012

Time: 17:00-19:00 (Central European Time)

The Adaptation Fund, established under the Kyoto Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, provides financing for projects and programmes designed to help developing countries adapt to the effects of a changing climate.