This article was originally published on the CFR website on January 16, 2019

This study – commissioned by GIZ’s Climate Finance Readiness Programme on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) – intends to orient and assist regional, national or subnational entities who plan to seek direct access to finance through accreditation to the Adaptation Fund, the Green Climate Fund or other environmental funds, or who are actively in the accreditation process. While also providing an overview of the AF and GCF as operating Funds, the study lays out the relevant details and intricacies of the accreditation process including rules, requirements and general procedures. It also highlights innovative or unique approaches to accessing climate finance funding.

The report uses the successful case of the Peruvian Trust Fund for National Parks and Protected Areas (Profonanpe) to provide accreditation guidance by identifying lessons learned through the various stages of their accreditation process to the AF and GCF, while taking into consideration the strategies and actions utilised to overcome the challenges encountered. Finally, the study will layout best practices for undertaking the rigorous and complex process of accreditation.

Download the full report: Enabling Access to the Funds – Profonanpe’s Adaptation Fund & Green Climate Fund Accreditation Experience

Photo: Marlon del Aguila Guerrero/CIFOR