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Decision B.9/1

Following the discussion in closed session, the Board decided:
(a) To accredit the Centre de Suivi Ecologique as the National Implementing Entity for Senegal;
(b) To accredit the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development as a Multilateral Implementing Entity;
(c) To also accredit the United Nations Development Programme as a Multilateral Implementing Entity;
(d) To seek authorization to use the United Nations Development Programme accreditation application form as a model for aspiring Multilateral Implementing Entities to follow;
(e) Following the recommendation of the Accreditation Panel, to consider modalities for providing technical support to Implementing Entity applicants, and to request:
(i) The secretariat to prepare a programme of work to help explain to eligible countries the requirements for accreditation as a National Implementing Entity; and
(ii) The Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Board to approach bilateral and multilateral agencies and request that they provide financial and technical support to developing countries in establishing National Implementing Entities; 
(f) To take note of the recommendation of the Accreditation Panel for the provision of evaluation field visits, which also formed a part of the terms of reference of theAccreditation Panel, and to review the need for such field visits once the Accreditation Panel had considered the next applicants for accreditation as National Implementing Entities;
(g) To request the Project and Programme Review Committee, to take into consideration the National Implementing Entity‟s previous experience in administering amounts of funds when deciding on the approval of projects and programmes being proposed by the Centre de Suivi Ecologique that greatly exceed its previously demonstrated capacity to administer funds, and to further request that the Committee reports on that decision to 
the Board;
(h) To communicate to the Centre de Suivi Ecologique that the Board would look favourably on any measures that the Entity would take to improve its risk management abilities;
(i) That the accreditation application template attached to the letter inviting Kyoto Protocol Parties to nominate a potential National Implementing Entity for accreditation shall be mandatory; 
(j) That the Accreditation Panel can take into account the provision of references of a National Implementing Entity from bilateral and multilateral entities at the request or permission of that National Implementing Entity. Such references are not a requirement; and
(k) To retain the option to require more frequent reporting than required in the operational policies and guidelines of the Adaptation Fund Board for the projects and programmes implemented by the Centre de Suivi Ecologique in the event that the Entity was to administer amounts that greatly exceeded its previously demonstrated capacity to administer funds for projects and programmes. This will also be communicated to the Centre de Suivi Ecologique.



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