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Decision B.10/3

Following the discussion with respect to the accreditation of Multilateral Implementing Entities, the Board decided:
(a) To accredit the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as a Multilateral Implementing Entity on the understanding that:
i. The secretariat would require more frequent reporting on projects to be implemented by UNEP; and
ii. The Board would again discuss the issue of additional requirements on projects to be implemented by UNEP at its eleventh meeting;
(b) To accredit the United Nations World Food Programme as a Multilateral Implementing Entity;
(c) To accredit the Asian Development Bank as a Multilateral Implementing Entity; 
(d) To accredit the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) as a Multilateral Implementing Entity (MIE) on the understanding that there would be no disbursement of funding for any Adaptation Fund projects being implemented by the IFAD before the Executive Board of the IFAD authorized the IFAD to function as an MIE of the Adaptation Fund;
(e) To request the Accreditation Panel, with the support of the secretariat, to consider the views expressed at the present meeting and prepare a paper on  how best to support the creation of National Implementing Entities (NIEs) and to present its findings at the eleventh meeting of the Board; and
(f) To request the Chair of the Adaptation Fund Board to follow up with those international agencies that had already expressed interest in helping to establish NIEs.



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