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Decision B.12/9

Following a discussion, during which the Board considered a number of options to promote and facilitate the access by NIEs to the resources of the Adaptation Fund, including the need to both cap the amount of funding allocated to MIEs and the need to also cap the funds allocated to each MIE within a general cap on all MIEs, as well as the need to keep any such decision under regular review, the Board decided:
(a) That the cumulative budget  allocation for funding projects  submitted by MIEs, should not exceed 50 per cent of the total funds available for funding decisions in the Adaptation Fund Trust Fund at the start of each session. That cumulative allocation would be subject to review by the Board on the recommendation of the Project and Programme Review Committee at subsequent sessions;
(b) To request the Trustee to provide an update on the amount of funds that have been approved for projects implemented by NIEs and MIEs at each meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board; and
(c) To review the implementation of this decision at the fourteenth meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board.



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