Document Summary


Decision B.11/21

Following the discussion the Board decided to:
(a) Approve the “option B” contained in section XIII of the document AFB/B.11/8;
(b) Approve the budget for implementing the communications strategy as contained in “option B”, in paragraph (a) above;
(c) Request the secretariat to ensure that as part of the communications strategy a fact-sheet was developed to address the misconceptions that had been identified in the document AFB/B.11/8;
(d) Request the secretariat to consider ways to improve the existing handbook of the Adaptation Fund;
(e) Request the secretariat to organize a signing ceremony, either in Washington, D.C., or in Cancun, Mexico, at the time when the first memorandum of understanding between the Adaptation Fund Board and an Implementing Entity was ready for signature;
(f) Provide an hour of open discussion just prior to the closure of its twelfth meeting in order to allow the observers at that meeting to interact with the Board and make their views known; and
(g) Maintain an item dealing with the communications strategy on the agenda of its future meetings.



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