Document Summary

Project/programme activities cost = A
Project/programme execution cost =B
Total project/programme cost=A+B
Implementing Entity Fee=C
Total amount of funding requested, or the grant amount=A+B+C


The project execution cost (B), or project management costs, includes the main items supported by the Adaptation Fund for project management including consultant services, travel and office facilities, etc covering the direct costs for administration of the day-to day activities of projects. Specific costs include: Staffing costs, and project related activity expenditures (Monitoring and evaluation costs; Costs related to drafting progress reports and financial reports; Consultation with project stakeholders (meetings, workshops); Communication, Travel).

This cost is capped at 9.5% of the total project/programme cost (A+B).


The implementing entity fee (C) is the fee requested by Implementing Entities for project cycle management services including project supervision. The fee covers: Corporate activities fees related to engagement with donor (Policy support, Portfolio management, Reporting, Outreach and knowledge sharing) and Project cycle management fees (Project preparation and management oversight including financial management and quality insurance, Implementation reports supervision, and Project completion and evaluation oversight).

This cost is capped at 8.5% of the total project/programme cost (A+B)

The total project/programme cost is the cost of all project activities/components and the project execution cost (A+B).

The amount of funding requested, or the grant amount excludes any co-financing and includes the total project/programme cost along with the implementing entity fee (A+B+C).

List of activities funded by AF grant and covered by IE fees and execution costs


Type of support

Cost item

Covered by IE fees

Covered by project execution costs

Not covered by AF grant


IE staff salary or time for project development, monitoring and supervision

Salary of project staff

Government seconded staff

Monitoring and evaluation

*Mid-term Evaluation costs, if mandatory for IE

*Supervision of preparation of annual project reports and project evaluation reports

*Project financial reports


*Final Evaluation costs

*Office facilities, equipment and communications

Independent reviews or evaluations of the projects and programmes by AF Board


Project supervision missions and steering committee meetings

Travel related to project execution


Ensure compliance with audit requirements

Project financial audit