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Ezzat Lewis H. Agaiby studied Chemical Engineering. He holds his Master Degree & Ph. D in Environmental Sciences from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Agaiby is a member in the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate since 1976, and has been recognized as a consultant engineer in the field of evaluation environmental projects early in 2004.
Mr. Agaiby served as NBC officer in Ministry of Defense for many years. In January 2005 he joined the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA). He directed the International Relation & Technical Co-operation Department, National Ozone Unit and supervisor of Environmental Management Sector. He was appointed the Head of Climate Change Central Development in 2010.
Mr. Agaiby was the National Focal Point to Montreal Protocol from Aug. 2005 till Aug. 2013. He was elected as the President of the Implementation Committee under the Non-compliance procedure for the Montreal Protocol in 2010. He was the National Focal Point to UNFCCC from mid of 2010 till late of 2012. At present he received governmental pension and he is serving as senior advisor.
Mr. Agaiby has published 5 booklets and more than 10 research papers in scientific journals. He awarded 3 medals for; Peace, Duty and Good Example.


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