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Decision B.12/33

Following a discussion, in which it was noted that any decision on new ways of facilitating private donations would have to be approved by two thirds of the members of the Board, and having considered the recommendation of the Ethics and Finance Committee, the Board decided to request the Trustee:
(a) To continue to explore a three-tier approach for facilitating private donations, consisting of the Trustee’s signing of donation agreements with sovereign contributors (as is already the case); developing a protocol by which other, non-sovereign entities that had expressed interest in donating could contact the Trustee and receive banking details by e-mail; or making it feasible for smaller entities or individuals to contribute by clicking a link through the Adaptation Fund website.  The Trustee was also asked to determine any costs that the use of the new options might entail.
(b) To submit the information to the Chair of the Ethics and Finance Committee, with the proviso that the Board would take an intersessional decision on the matter based on the information provided by the Trustee. When undertaking this task, the Board, secretariat, and Trustee should bear in mind the integrity of the Fund.



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