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Decision B.6/2

The Chair had thanked the Working Group for their work and the Board members and alternates for their comments. He invited the Board to submit further comments to the Secretariat within two weeks after the closure of the present meeting. The Board decided that
(a) The Secretariat would prepare a paper on fiduciary standards and the accreditation process for the consideration by the Board at its seventh meeting, which incorporated the  CRP.3 presented by the Working Group on fiduciary standards to the Board at its sixth meeting, as well as the comments that had been made during the discussion of that  CRP; and
(b) The Secretariat would then harmonize the draft Provisional Operational Policies and Guidelines for Parties to access Resources from the Adaptation Fund with the fiduciary standards, and circulate the text intersessionally for comments by the Board. 
(c) The draft Provisional Operational Policies and Guidelines will be submitted for adoption at the seventh meeting of the Board.



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