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Decision B.18/32

Having considered the comments and recommendations of the Ethics and  Finance Committee, the Adaptation Fund Board took note of inputs received and decided to:
(a) Request the secretariat to:
i. Proceed with all necessary arrangements and efforts to reach out to foundations and philanthropic organizations, including through informal 
contacts and consultations with relevant organizations, providing presentations about the Adaptation Fund and other activities in order to raise 
ii. Report back to the Board on the outcome of the activities above no later than at the 20th Board meeting; and
iii. Monitor the further development of the options submitted to the Board and inform the Board should any opportunity arise;
(b) Organize a follow-up meeting on the dialogue with donors in the margins of CMP 8, in consultation with the Chair; and
(c) Note that the cost of the activities outlined in sub-paragraphs (b) (i) and (c) will be covered with the Travel Component (Awareness Raising) in the budget for FY13.



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