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Decision B.17/24

Having considered the recommendation of the EFC the Board decided to: 
(a) Set an initial fundraising target of US $100 million on an interim or experimental basis initially up until the end of 2013; 
(b) Request the secretariat to: 
(i) Prepare a briefing note, for presentation at the next meeting of the EFC, on relevant ongoing mechanisms being discussed in various fora, 
assessments  of how the Fund might benefit from selected mechanisms, and inputs from all interested stakeholders that have been collected through a public call for comment; 
(ii) Prepare and organize the agenda for a meeting with donors in the margins of the session of the Subsidiary Bodies of the UNFCCC in May 2012, 
for approval by the Board intersessionally, and to coordinate the logistics as needed; and 
(iii) Suggest, at the next Board meeting, a list of potentially relevant meetings to be organized or attended up until the end of 2012 and the 
inclusion of a budgetary provision in its budget proposal for fiscal year 2013. 
(c) Announce the scheduled signing of the agreement with the UNF, referred to in Decision B.17/1, at the Rio+20 meeting in June, assuming all necessary arrangements have been made by that time; 
(d) Further request the secretariat, in consultation with the trustee, to:
(i) Continue exploring the interest of other potential partner entities in establishing other mechanisms to encourage individual donations. The 
secretariat may be requested to report back to the Board at its 18th meeting on its findings and with concrete proposals, if appropriate; 
(ii) Provide a detailed implementation plan for the issuance of adaptation certificates, as well as operational details and implications for the 
consideration of the EFC at its 9th meeting; 
(iii) Provide further implementation and operational details on options to facilitate cash flow management, as well as potential implications, for the 
consideration of the EFC at its 9th meeting; and 
(iv) Continue its analysis of the suitability and feasibility of the concepts listed in section IV.4 of document AFB/EFC.8/6 as potential fundraising 
mechanisms for the Fund and to report back to the EFC at its 9th meeting. 
(e) Further request the secretariat to expedite and ensure the development and implementation of points a) to f) in paragraph 61 of document AFB/EFC.8/6, and communicate to the Board any budgetary implications of these activities for inclusion in the budget for fiscal year 2013. 



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