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Decision B.17/17

Having considered the recommendation of the EFC the Board decided to request that the secretariat convey to UNDP the requirements below, which shall be considered  by the PPRC when reviewing the fully developed project “Addressing Climate Change Risks on Water Resources and Food Security in the Dry Zone of Myanmar” proposed for Myanmar: 
(a) That UNDP provide a rationale, which shall be reaffirmed by the Designated Authority in the letter of endorsement, for serving as both the Implementing Entity and the Executing Entity for Myanmar’s project;
(b) That UNDP ensure that detailed and specific steps will be in place to involve Myanmar’s local/national institutions as co-executing entities for the execution of the components of the adaptation project to ensure that national ownership is achieved, and that those detailed and specific steps shall be described in the project proposal; 
(c) That adequate arrangements have been made to provide for clear separation of implementing and executing functions and responsibilities, including those of monitoring and evaluation, supervision and reporting; 
(d) That an independent mid-term evaluation be conducted, which shall include the evaluation of executing arrangements;  
(e) That UNDP demonstrates that it has the capacity to execute all the components of the Myanmar project; and 
(f) To cap execution costs for projects/programmes implemented and executed by the same entity at 1.5% of the project/programme cost. 



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