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Decision B.18/30

Having considered the comments and recommendations of the Ethics and Finance Committee, the Adaptation Fund Board decided to:
(a) Confirm, as a principle, the separation between implementing and execution services. Execution services will only be provided by Implementing Entities on an exceptional basis and at the written request by the recipient country, involving designated authorities in the process, and providing rationale for such a request. The responsibility for these services shall be stipulated, their budget estimated in the fully developed project/programme document, and covered by the execution costs budget of the project/programme;
(b) Request the secretariat to communicate the above to designated authorities and multilateral implementing entities;
(c) Request any Multilateral Implementing Entity currently providing such services to review its portfolio of projects/programmes and report to the Board on how the decision under (a) is being implemented; and
(d) Request the secretariat to update the document “Instructions for Preparing a Request for Project Funding” accordingly.



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